Little update

Sorry to disappear again.  :)  Life’s been busy lately.  My sister Annie is visiting again this summer which has been fun but definitely adds a little more complexity to life.  That and the fact that school is out – which is exciting because my children can all play together, yet daunting.  Let me put it this way – days that I stay on top of things and guide them with activity ideas (Jonathan loves to play school) work out really well, but days that I try to do something of my own and tell them to do something of their own (say, clean their bedrooms) don’t.  So it takes a little more thought and time.  And along with that I’ve been trying to plan out a trip out west.  We’ll be visiting with family for basically the whole month of July (Bryan will join us for the last week).  I’m very excited.  :)

I’ve also had quite a few role changes – I’ve been putting together a monthly newsletter for my MOMS Club group for the past two years and have volunteered as secretary for nearly a year now but come July I’ll be relinquishing both of those responsibilities and taking on the role of treasurer.  As I love budgeting and numbers, this seems like a good fit.  But the bigger change is in my calling – last Sunday I was released from my calling as ward music chairman and was called as nursery leader.  I’ll miss my old calling but I’m pretty excited for this new one.  And I have plenty of work ahead of me as it looks like we’ll need to split the nursery into two in the next month or so.  At least I can say my first Sunday as an official nursery leader (as opposed to crying-Kathryn’s mom) went really well.  And it helped that Bryan taught the lesson – he’s really good at teaching in a way that catches the children’s attention.  I think they all loved seeing him crouch down to be “small, small, small” like a baby and then slowly move up to be “tall, tall, tall” like a tree… um… adult.  :)

Anyway, there’s my excuse list for disappearing from this blog.  :)  And shockingly enough, it was an update on me, not my children.  Those are coming soon.  :)

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  1. Cassia and Bryan, you are such great people (and parents) It makes me proud! Love, Gramma

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