Pets, revisited

Back in March I wrote about Jonathan’s desire for a pet.  This topic was renewed again in May as the children were playing outside.  We’ve long known about the birds, rabbits, and squirrels that run around this area, but this particular day we discovered some new resident wildlife in our own yard.

First a gecko:

Then two:

Then the two started to fight.  That was intriguing for a bit, but I was glad when they separated.

Then we found this fun little animal:

Like the water hole the children were making for it?  They wanted to keep it as their pet.  They really wanted it as their pet.  I told them no.

Here’s Jonathan’s reaction to that.  He pleaded with me – “I’ll take care of him and love him!”  It made my heart melt.  Almost.  Then I remembered how well he took care of his toys.  Maybe we’ll try a plant first.  :)  Besides, I have no idea how to take care of a frog.  So I told him that I was sorry but the frog needed to stay in its own habitat.

A few minutes later, I found this:

They made the frog a habitat.  So sweet.  But I still had to say no.  (Of course, Bryan then discovered the frog there the next day when the children went out to visit him.)  Aside from the concern of giving the frog enough food/water, there is also the concern that the neighbor children would torment the poor thing.  One of the downsides to an unfenced back yard.  So again Jonathan is petless.  But don’t worry – he seems to have recovered well for the time being.  Now his big fixations are his birthday and piñatas.  :)

Here are some other pictures from our day outside:

Kathryn, happy to be outside. She doesn't get as much outside play time because she seems quite intent on running away - like into the road. She just doesn't seem to connect the fact that running into the road means Mommy brings her right back inside. Good thing we live on a relatively quiet street!

More smiles.

Note the mud on her hand - courtesy of the frog "pond," I think.

Laughing. She kind of looks like she's imitating the geckos here. :)

Emma, showing off her cup of water for making mud and her stick for stirring it.

(By the way, it’s nice to remember pleasant days like this one.  I’m kind of staying indoors right now.  The bank sign yesterday said it was 100 degrees outside.  And it’s been really humid.  Yikes!)

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  1. Another thumbs up! I do appreciate your efforts so much! Love, Gramma

  2. Poor Kathryn. I think my sister was the same age when she decided to start playing hide-and-seek without telling anyone. :) Also, way to be a responsible parent and teach your children that animals are living creatures needing gentle care and not toys. Just further evidence that you’re a truly great mom.

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