We are a happy family

Last night as I was getting Emma ready for bed, Jonathan sat on his bed and drew this picture on one of the two mini Magna-Doodle tablets we own:




When he finished, he came to me and said, “Look Daddy, I drew our family!”

I asked him if he could name each of the figures for me.  From left to right: Daddy (long legs, ‘natch), Mommy, Emma, and Jonathan.  Jonathan’s body is a little flat for some reason, but I wouldn’t read anything into it.

It was only after he went to bed that I noticed he had drawn us all holding hands.  We do that sometimes when we’re all out doing errands together.

What an observant and creative little boy we have!  He continues to amaze us with his imagination and skill.

(And he has no idea that his dad was once an artist, too.)

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