Mother’s Day

Jonathan and Emma have been obsessed with Mother’s Day this week.  Something about it being the theme at school I guess…

This evening Jonathan has been trying to brainstorm all the things he should give me.  He says he’s giving me a card and a cut-out heart.  Bryan recommended the gift of a clean room (Jonathan’s room) but I think he dismissed that.  He says he’ll do that for Father’s Day.  :)

Right before I sent him to bed we were sitting together on the floor, legs out.  Jonathan suddenly said, “I know another gift I need to give you!  I need to help your feet.  Because they look old and hurt (yes, emphasis on old).”  (In case you’re curious – I have problems with dry skin on my feet.)

His solution?  He’ll give me his favorite blankets to wrap around my feet.   Then I can wear my shoes to make sure the blankets stay on.  That way he won’t see them, I guess.  :)

He’s still brainstorming ways he could help my feet.  “Because they’re your feet.  And you’re my favorite mom in the whole world.”

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