"Where’s the snot?"

We were just driving into Provo after spending an evening with my family when we hear a sweet little voice from the back seat say, "Where’s the snot?"


"Where’s the snot?"

"Did you pick your nose?"


"Oh, great. Where’s the snot?"

"He ate it." (He tends to speak of himself in third person.)

"You did what?!"

"He ate the snot."

At this point, neither Bryan nor I could hold in our laughter, though we did try to cover it by not actually looking at Jonathan (at least I did–Bryan was driving so he wouldn’t be able to look at Jonathan anyway). He thought it was great. Then he decided to make it even funnier by declaring, to himself apparently, "It’s not food, silly!"

Yuck! :)

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  1. GRoss and funny i guess :) i am not really shocked that Jonathan would say that!! i feel bad everyone is sick even my teacher has to get surgery!!

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