Abby turns two

Abigail has now officially entered her “terrible twos.”  Well, I should reframe that.  She has reached a stage of emerging independence and opinions and had her second birthday a week and a half ago.  Thinking of it in those words definitely helps me hold to some patience when her opinions and independence are clashing with what I intend.  :)

We started her birthday celebrations by introducing her to elementary school.  In the form of going to two school open houses in the morning.  :)  She was a pretty good sport.

The real celebration came in the evening, when Bryan got home.

First, dinner.  I tried to think of her favorite foods, so we ended up with cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, grapes, and steamed vegetables.  The cheese was by far her favorite.  She would seriously eat an entire block of cheese if I let her!


Next, presents.  Some presents were still on their way and she received and loved those later.  But here she is opening the ones she had on her birthday.  Emma wrapped them for us.  :)

The dresses were courtesy of Grandma Beckman, and two more came from Grandma Kofoed later.  Abigail loves dresses.  They were perfect!  The pillow was from us.  She has been trying to take over Kathryn’s pillow lately, so we got her a small travel sized one.  But the pillow cases weren’t exactly what a small child would want.  So I refreshed my sewing skills and made the pillow case myself.  I hope to make her some skirts too, but those will take a little more time.  I definitely haven’t sewn for a while and the simple pillow case took far longer than I’d anticipated.  :)  She also received a fun quiet activity book that she’s absolutely loved.  Perfect presents!  :)

Then to the cake.  I’ve found myself preferring pudding as frosting because it gives a lighter, moister feel to the cake.  But it also means I can’t use traditional writing gels on top because they just spread.  So this time I tried writing with jelly beans.  It looked good for a bit.  :)  We did learn that the color coating on jelly beans will also dissolve and spread, and the jelly beans will react much like the gummy worms did on Emma’s cake.  I’ll keep looking for a workable option.  :)


But the cake still turned out pretty well.  At least Abby liked it.  :)





We sang to her and told her to blow out the candles.  She just smiled.  Finally Daddy gave a bit of help.  :)  Then she waited excitedly for her treat.


I think she enjoyed her birthday.  :)

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  1. What a sweetie!

    Love, Gramma

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