BOY interviews

I’ve wanted to interview the children on video for a while – to capture not only their answers to likes/dislikes questions, but also how they speak and act.  But it just never happened until Jonathan told me he wanted to make a pretend show and interview his sisters.  He decided it should be called “Broadcast of Youth,” or BOY.  And thus the interviews finally happened.  :)  On March 31st.  Yikes!  So yes, they are already nearly 5 months out of date.  I had some editing to do (we captured a little too much of how they speak and act) but either didn’t find the time or couldn’t figure out how to do it until now.  But now that I finally got around to editing, it seemed worthwhile to post them anyway.

Here is the first edition, interviewing Kathryn.  Most of the filming was done in one take but there are a few additions at the end as Jonathan and Emma’s interviews included questions we hadn’t asked Kathryn – questions that Kathryn *really* wanted to answer anyway.  :)

Just a warning: four-year-olds aren’t very good at sitting in a lady-like fashion.  Not even a long dress can hide that.  I did my best to minimize issues, but there was only so much reminding I could do and editing out every instance would have resulted in a pretty chopping video.  So there’s your heads up.  :)

Next up was Abigail.  Mostly so we could get her in bed.  She didn’t say much, so she ended up a bit more of a prop while I answered questions about her.  :)


Then we put Abigail in bed (you can hear her protesting in the background) and interviewed Emma. Her main interview ended up being cut off (I think the camera card ran out of space) and we did end up with a “go back” portion too, so this also has multiple parts. And it’s slightly longer than Kathryn’s and therefore went over YouTube’s 15 minute max. So here is Emma’s interview, divided into two videos:

And then Emma took the microphone and interviewed Jonathan. He was a lot more confident in his answers. :) Emma did have some lady-like issues but picked up on my reminders much more quickly than Kathryn did.

Like Jonathan’s end credits? :)

And finally, no broadcast is complete without some kind of teaser or extra at the very end. Here is Jonathan’s:

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