"Look, Mom! That man forgot to put his clothes on!"

No, this is not a post about a flasher, or anything like that. It is a post about Jonathan discovering that, well, people in Utah are a little unique.

This specific statement was made last night as we were getting the children ready for bed. Jonathan was stalling by looking out the window at our neighbors. Then he, loudly, made that comment: "Look, Mom! That man forgot to put his clothes on!"


I didn’t think there would be a flasher outside, but I had no idea what he was seeing. What I found was that a neighbor kitty-corner to us was standing in his driveway, shirtless. Jonathan had never seen anybody shirtless "in public." Nor, it soon became apparent, had he noticed anyone with a tattoo. "Look, Mom! That man colored on himself." I was so glad to be inside. :)

This was, no doubt, the first of many cultural discoveries Jonathan will make.

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  1. I miss your family. Thanks for sharing the fun daily goings on!
    Love you!
    Sister Bushman :)

    P.S. I get to play my flute with our new ward choir on Sunday, and I’m having fun practicing with the Stake choir for our Stake Conference. President Packer from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming to address us, and it’s neat to see how attentive he is to the small details, like the music that will set the tone for the meeting.

    P.P.S. School starts on Monday, and FOOTBALL starts next weekend, hooray! :)

  2. If I were a betting man (which I’m not), I’d say President Packer is coming to do a reorganization of the stake presidency. The current one has been in place (at least Pres. Christiansen and Pres. Hales) for at least five years, and members of the Twelve don’t just drop by because they’ve got nothing else to do. There’s business to conduct.

    Watch and see. :)

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