May 2012 – End of School Parties

And then it was on to the end of school parties.

Kathryn’s last day of school

Circle time

Kathryn is in purple. Notice it’s really easy to pick her out? Because everyone else is wearing their bright yellow preschool t-shirts? Yeah. Kathryn was supposed to as well, but the idea of wearing that “ugly” shirt instead of her pretty purple heart shirt threw her into hysterics. I decided it wasn’t important enough to fight over so I just brought the shirt along, in case she changed her mind. She never did.

Here they are doing “circle time”:

The teachers had a fun surprise for the last day – kites!


Jonathan’s class party

The room mom took this picture of the kids as a parting gift for his teacher, Ms. Sacia (who wasn’t around for this part). Well, her picture was better, but this one was good enough for me. Jonathan is the one holding the “U.” (It says “Thank you. We will miss you.”)

Just a tangent here – Ms Sacia was Jonathan’s favorite teacher thus far. She only had his class for the second half of the year (the original teacher moved), but she was amazing. She had such a wonderful love for teaching and for the students and she had a great ability to get the class involved in exciting projects that they could also learn from. She made learning fun, and Jonathan thrived. And I learned what kinds of qualities to seek in a teacher that works well with my children. :)

Anyway, back to the party. :)

They did water balloon tosses. Jonathan and his friend actually lasted quite a while – I was impressed!

And here I need to mention – this is an example of a clothing choice that I would have nixed if I’d seen it when he went to school. He was wearing a fleece pullover. This was May. Note that everyone else is wearing short sleeves and most are wearing shorts? Yeah. It was a hot day. And yet he had snuck a long sleeve fleece pullover to school. And he was determined to wear it (I asked him multiple times). Crazy kid.

After water balloon toss, they went after two pinatas. Note the angle on the bat. The pinatas were tough (I think we actually had to have some parents come in to break open the pinatas because the kids had to get back to class soon and the pinatas weren’t even close to being broken). The bat was not so tough. One of the first girls to hit the pinata ended up breaking the bat instead.

Ms. Sacia ran back to the school and found another bat. A real baseball bat. Then we played safety monitors and made sure the children stayed far away from the person swinging at the pinata. Here she is switching the bats.

Emma’s Award Ceremory and Celebration

Emma’s teacher put on a program, with each child being given an award that happened to go along with a candy.

Emma got the “Milky Way” award “For setting an example for others by having quality work that was out of this world.”

Then everyone got to enjoy ice cream for refreshments… outside.

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  1. This is so cool. You are a great mother for filming this. It seems the children have really fun teachers!. How lucky they are. Thanks for sharing. I love it!


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