April 2012 – “The Great Grand Adventure”

I mentioned this play earlier in my other April 2012 post –

The Play

The children decided to put on a play.  This wasn’t a “make it up as you go” play like they usually do.  It was a thought out play, complete with costumes, props, and multiple rehearsals to make sure they got it right.  Kathryn played the princess in distress, Emma the evil witch who kidnaps the princess then gets mad and levels a forest after the princess was rescued, and Jonathan the ninja who rescues the princess then fixes the forest and turns the witch good.  I didn’t get pictures of the play itself, but here is a shot of their costumes.  I especially love Emma’s teeth.  :)

Well we found the video of the play!  So if you’d like to actually watch it yourself, here it is:

Warning – you have to turn up the volume to hear, but at the end (about 3:09) Bryan and I cheer – and we are close to the camera so it’s loud.  Just a heads up.  :)

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  1. OK–now I watched this one. What great imaginations! They do well together.



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