Kathryn at one month

So, I realize this post is already two weeks late, but I figure late is better than never.  :)

Here is Kathryn at one month old:

At her one-month check-up, Kathryn weighed in at 8 lbs, 14 ozs and measured 22″ in length.  In percentiles, that puts her between 25-50% on weight and 75-90% on height.  I think the tall/thin thing runs in the family.  :)

Kathryn’s siblings are also growing up fast.  I measured them at home a few days after Kathryn’s appointment.

Yes, Emma is wearing Jonathan's Spider-Man costume from last year. She loves it! :)

Jonathan weighs almost 41 lbs and is 43.5″ tall.  That puts him between 75-90% on weight and 90-95% on height, or about the size of a 5 1/4 yr old (he is actually 4 1/3).  It’s nice that his weight is actually closer in proportion to height–last time he was checked we were told he needed to gain weight because his height to weight proportion was low (but I wasn’t concerned–that was normal for him).

Emma's trying to carry her baby like I often carry Kathryn. :)

Emma weighs almost 32 lbs and is 36.5″ tall.  That puts her at around 90% on weight and between 90-95% on height, or about the size of a three year old (she’s 2 1/4).

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  1. WOW! I never thought about it but Emma is tall!

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