“Ah need somethun else”

Our insurance provider has one of the most infuriating phone trees I’ve experienced. Aside from the fact that the listings never seem to include what I am actually looking for (not even on the third listing set), the automated voice seems nearly unable to understand me. And, unlike many systems, this one doesn’t give the choices numbers if the voice doesn’t understand after one or two tries.

I was reminded of this as I overheard Bryan calling the the line a few minutes ago.

Phone: (Gives 5-6 random-seeming choices) …or say, “I need something else.”

Bryan: I need something else.

Phone: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.  (begins whole long list again)

Bryan: (interrupting) I. Need. Something. Else.

Phone: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.

I smirk.  I’m not the only one this system can’t seem to understand.  Then I was surprised to hear:

Bryan: Ah need somethun else.

I was even more surprised to then immediately hear:

Phone: I understand you need something not listed here.  Is that correct?

Bryan: Yup.

Phone: OK.

So that’s the problem.  The system just expects a southern accent.  Despite the voice’s own impecable annunciation abilities, I might add.  Good thing Bryan’s good at accents.  :)  Too bad for me, though – I don’t think I could copy that as well as he did!  :)

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  1. THAT is funny.

  2. ROFL!!!

  3. Hahahaha thats awesome!

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