Sunday musings 11-09-08

The lesson in Relief Society last Sunday was centered around scripture study.  One major focus was, “How can we, as busy women, fit scripture study into our lives?”  Some answers were insightful, many were creative.  One suggested keeping a Book of Mormon in the car for those times we are waiting in a line (and this also allows her to give it away when the opportunity presents itself).  Other suggestions included listening to the scriptures on CD, keeping a Book of Mormon in every room of the house so you can pick it up and read a verse or two whenever you have a spare minute, and even attending early morning seminary.  The general feel was an encouraging–“Remember: something is better than nothing!”

The answer that came to my mind, however, was a little different: “Make it a priority.”  I am busy.  I have a long list of things I need to do–house cleaning, projects, taking care of my family, teaching and nurturing my children, being active in the community.  But the truth really is that those things that get done are those that I have made a priority, whether because they really are important or because I’ve tricked myself into thinking they are important, usually because of a deadline.  And, unfortunately, I know I spend a lot of time on the latter.

This theme was further emphasized in my mind today at our special Stake Conference, through the talks of our stake president and Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Twelve.  We must “put our lives in order,” counseled our stake president, echoing President Hinckley’s admonition ten years ago.  To me, this reminder applied not only financially and physically, but also to how I use my time.  Elder Christofferson further emphasized this by quoting 3 Nephi 13:21, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  He spoke of searching ourselves to determine where our personal treasures lie, and warned that it is all too easy for something to slowly, quietly become a treasure.  As an example of this, he cited how a job, which may begin as a way to support the family out of love, can over time become a treasure in itself, leaving the family overlooked.  In such a situation, it is easy to still say, “I only do it for my family!”  But is it really?

Elder Christofferson’s talk culminated in a reminder that our true focus, our center and anchor, should be the Savior.  When the Savior becomes our focus, our “treasure” per se, we will then naturally make time to do those things that bring us closer to him, “[f]or where [our] treasure is, there will [our] heart be also.”  And our heart will then find expression in our choices, including the way we use our time.

Which brings me back to scripture study.  I am busy.  But I now realize I can’t blame my struggle to consistently study the scriptures on that.  There are plenty of things I do that, while good, are not going to make a difference in the end.  Creatively working the scriptures into my day may help me “get them in” daily, but what I really should be doing is working my day around that which is most important–which includes scripture study.  What is most needed is not necessarily extra time, but a change in mindset about how I spend the time I have, and a change of heart.

How, then, can I fit scripture study into my busy life?

Make it a priority.

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  1. So “home remedies” for bladder infection–not too fancy, just AZO over the counter pills. Basically highly concentrated cranberry pills. Anyway…I too have come to your conclusion about scripture study. Some days it still doesn’t come easy to make myself sit down when there’s so much to get done. Kind of strange when that’s all we really want is a moment or two off our feet. Hope life is treating you well :)

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