Emma and her bed

Emma does not like going to bed.  And it’s not just that she resists sleep–she just doesn’t like her bed.  We started to see this when I transformed her crib into a toddler bed back in February or early March (early, I know, but I felt bad because Jonathan had freedom to play and she didn’t).  It became quickly apparent that she preferred Jonathan’s bed to hers.  Not only would she choose to sleep in it when he wasn’t napping with her, she even tried sleeping in it with Jonathan there! 

Sleeping together

Unfortunately, the outcome of her bed-sharing efforts was usually not this peaceful.

Over time, however, even Jonathan’s bed fell out of favor. 

That’s right.  She preferred the floor over either bed.  (Reminds me of Jonathan’s “In the style of the Japanese.”)  Here’s an “over-all” view of the room:


After deciding we didn’t like Emma sleeping on the floor (especially since she sometimes planted herself right in front of the door), we finally gave in and reverted her bed back into a crib.  Unable to leave, she showed her displeasure in another way: stripping her bed.  Literally.


That’s right–even the mattress cover!  The first time we found this, Jonathan got in trouble.    We came in, responding to Emma’s crying, to find her bed moved and stripped.  Jonathan has a habit of climbing into Emma’s crib and causing havoc (though this is usually because he brings all of his bedding minus the fitted sheet and mattress cover), and he is obviously the only one who could move it (given that she still can’t climb out–yet), so he was “obviously” the one to strip it.  Wrong.  We realized our mistake when she was put down for a nap by herself and still did it.  I apologized to Jonathan.

Thankfully, we don’t see this every time we put her down anymore.  She does empty her crib fairly regularly, but it’s rare for her to strip it (though it does still happen).

Now, just in case you were wondering, that mattress is not too bad.  I’ve slept on it myself (trying to get her to nap when it was a toddler bed).  And Jonathan’s mattress is actually quite comfortable.  So why she’d prefer the floor over either of them is beyond me.  :)


By the way, about the time we changed the bed back to a crib, we also started locking up the toys.  Half are now downstairs (with the messier things behind child-locked cabinets) and the other half are in bins in their closet.  We bring out the bins when it’s play time and then wheel them back when it’s not (and have a handle lock on the closet).  Thus far, it has done wonders for the state of their room.  Though, of course, they can still always find something to mess it up with (like bedding).  :)  Or things to destroy–like the blinds.

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  1. Hi everyone. I’d like to formally apologize for the “related videos” that show up after our streaming video segments on the site. The ones that appear after the “Where’s Emma” snippet are just this side of pornographic, which disturbs and angers both Cassia and myself. Several months ago, I felt that hosting our videos on MSN Soapbox would relieve us of this kind of “linkage” – it’s certainly better than what we’d expect on YouTube, that’s for sure – but now it appears I may have to look into some kind of self-hosted solution.

    In the meantime, please enjoy our family videos and pay no attention to the third-party smut that pops up afterward.

  2. Update: there’s a whole host of issues (no pun intended) with going with a self-hosted video solution. One big advantage of third-party video sharing sites like MSN Video and YouTube is they convert submitted video into a cross-platform compatible Flash format – no add-on software required.

    So we’ll be using Google Video going forward. They have enough user-adjustable settings that we feel our privacy is sufficiently protected, and with the exception of a “Go to Google Video” link, there’s no third-party advertising or links to “related videos.”

    I don’t have the time to update all our videos yet, but I wanted to replace this one egregious case.

  3. Hi Cassia! I have to say that is so funny, but I know how it can also be quite the struggle when kids have SUCH a strong will. Good for this time in life but just frustrating for mom and dad once in a while. The picture of Jonathan and Emma asleep by each other is soooo precious. I wish I had advice to give on how to help but neither Jeven or Azure had much difficultly converting to a regualar bed. We have however found them in all sorts of fun positions. We got a picture once of Jeven in a deep sleep in the corner of his room on his bed sitting up but slanted on his hip with legs straight down. His shoulder and head looked squished into the wall. We figured he’d probably wake up the next day with a stiff neck so we moved him back into a more comfortable position. It was pretty funny. Anyway, it’s good to be in contact with you guys now that we are finally part of the blogging world. Please add us to your links of blog friends if you’d like. We added you (hope that’s ok :). Bryan invited us to read your blog a looooong :) time ago but sense we didn’t have our own we never remembered to read other friends blogs. We’re trying to make it a habit now and keep on top of it. Hopefully we succeed!

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