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We are just about settled in, though we have yet to go through our "miscellaneous" boxes and decorations. Our new home has a few quirks we are dealing with (like some mismatched paint patches from the last tenant and some overzealous vines that are trying to take over our backyard forest), but it really is perfect for us. And the children LOVE the extra space (our living room is pretty much open for running). The humidity does take some getting used to, but thanks to our A/C, our home is quite comfortable. :) And I LOVE the greenery. I love that most roads in our area feel like we’re in the woods–including the freeway (trees everywhere!). Everything is quite pretty.

Jonathan and Emma are adjusting well. I don’t think Emma notices much difference (she still has Mommy and Daddy and Jonathan!). Jonathan has asked to play with some friends (including Annie and Matthew), but seems to accept it when I tell him that they live in Utah (or Colorado) and that’s far away. Sometimes he asks to drive back to Utah, but I tell him that’s a little too far a drive for today. :) He’s slowly making friends here, though. He seems quite willing to play with "new" children, which makes me very glad.

As for me, I just received a calling in our new ward: Ward Organist. Honestly, I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I had a feeling that I’d be returning to music in this new ward (I’ve been serving in more organizational callings for the past four years), and this calling has and will definitely get me practicing again! I’ve been grateful for how quickly my organ skills have been coming back (I learned a little in High School, then took an organ class at BYU in 2002). I am also grateful for the training I DO have. When I talked with the previous organist, he was amazed that I actually know how to play the pedal (he declared I was a "true" organist because of that). That made me realize that, though there always seemed to be at least 2 or 3 in our ward in Provo, there really aren’t that many organists elsewhere. It’ll take a lot of prayer and practice, but I am grateful for the opportunity. :)

As for Bryan, no calling yet…though the Bishop has asked 3 or 4 times now if he’ll have to work on Sunday. :) But Bryan says that supporting me in my calling is a calling in and of itself (giving me time to go to the church and practice and trying to keep the children calm in sacrament meeting while I’m playing). :)

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  1. Ward Organist! I think that’s on my list of scary callings, but it sounds like you’re doing great :)

  2. Hey! Glad to hear you are enjoying your new home. Good luck with the new calling! I am sure you will be wonderful!

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