Sunday photo shoot (post-church)

After church I tried again to get some good pictures of Kathryn in her pigtails.  You know, ones that didn’t involve Miss Drama.  :)

Here’s Kathryn making off with Jonathan’s last two quesadilla pieces (and plate).  At least she’s happy.  :)

Now’s she’s tasting Emma’s headband.  Note the quesadillas are still on the plate, despite the fact that it’s completely vertical.  She’s talented.  :)

And back to Jonathan for a moment.

The tie must be fascinating.  :)

Enjoying the cymbals.

Taking a break on the stairs.  Still has the quesadilla.

Jonathan’s  pretending to be a gingerbread man who has not yet been “brought to life.”

Now Emma’s the gingerbread man and Jonathan is decorating her.  And then here’s the next step:

Kathryn’s watching from a safe distance.  No more plate – now she’s carrying a bucket.

Now she ventures out.

And now they’re both gingerbread men in the making.

And back to Kathryn with the bucket.  Hmm.. empty plate in the background.  Where did the quesadillas go?

Oh there they are!  At least she didn’t put water in that bucket.  :)

Now here’s Kathryn looking sweet and serene.  Actually she’s not resting – she’s getting ready for even more fun.

Know the Disney Land Tea Cup ride?  We have our own version here.

Now Emma’s joining Kathryn.

Then Emma and Jonathan switched.

This picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but I was trying to capture Jonathan’s doting on Kathryn.  He really is a sweet big brother.

Things calmed down when Daddy got back from choir.

Here’s Emma, mad that she can’t sit in Daddy’s lap instead of Kathryn, I think.  We’re working on frustration management with Emma.  She cries a lot.  Don’t worry – this was resolved quickly.

And here’s a closing shot of Jonathan.  What a day!

3 Responses to “Sunday photo shoot (post-church)”

  1. Don’t you kind of feel you have been ground into hamburger when church is over? I used to. But children are worth it……….

  2. Sometimes. Though it’s gotten much easier now that Kathryn’s in nursery. After church can be a different story, though.

    But to be completely honest – that was “Mom OKed” chaos. Sometimes I just step back a bit and decide that as long as no one’s getting hurt, it’s OK. But I do watch and make sure it doesn’t go too far.

    Take the “tea cup ride” – as long as the chair is just spinning and not tipping or moving too close to something else, I’m OK with it. I just keep a close eye on it. I actually love watching this because it is something Jonathan and Emma do for Kathryn – something they do because they know it makes her laugh. And they love it too (as you can see by them climbing in with her), but they always let her have it first. It is so sweet!

    And on the quesadillas – I just loved the fact that I was getting good pictures so I decided not too worry too much about the fact that food had come out of the kitchen. :)

  3. Hahaha, they are soooo cutee! I love how the quesadillas were in a lot of the shots too! hahaha

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