A Very Emma Christmas

While the other members of the family certainly looked presentable on Christmas Day, Emma definitely won the Cute Prize for her adorable outfit and beatific smile.  Here are a few of the best pictures taken from that day. Click on any of the pictures to enter "slideshow" mode, and right-click on the larger pictures and select "Save Picture As…" to save them to your computer.

Oh yeah – the rest of the family is represented here, too.  That’s my brother Michael holding Emma in the top left picture.  Then there’s pictures of myself, Cassia, and Jonathan doing the gift-opening thing.

2 Responses to “A Very Emma Christmas”

  1. I didn’t know that you have a website!!!!How cool is that ?!??!?!?!well you guys , I hope you enjoy it Thats all. Annie

    (Cassia’s younger sister)

  2. Cassia, Bryan,

    She is sooo cute!!! Jovie is getting big! She’ll be one in 2 DAYS!!! Oh my goodness, time flies.

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