First day of school

OK, so technically his first day of school was last year at preschool, but for some reason it never even crossed my mind that it was “the first day of school” until I saw a friend’s post about her daughter a few weeks later.  :)  Oh, well.  But today was Jonathan’s first day of public school – his first day of Kindergarten.

We woke up bright and early at 6am so he could (hopefully) be on time for the 7am bus.  Jonathan’s been wanting to ride a bus to school ever since we moved here, so this was an exciting time for him.  So exciting that he decided to make a quick picture for the bus driver:

Jonathan's bus driver picture

That's Jonathan on Halloween, trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. He was Batman for Halloween. :) I helped him make a space between "Bus" and "Driver" but at the end he decided to fill it in with a smiley face. Just copying Mommy, I guess. :)

Unfortunately, this excitement didn’t translate into him hurrying with breakfast, so I had to keep reminding him to stop talking and finish his food.  :)  We picked a snack for school, packed his backpack, took pictures (more for Mommy’s sake then his, of course), and left for the bus stop.  When the bus came he happily climbed up and gave the nice grandfatherly bus driver his picture.  Then he walked down the bus aisle and I watched through the windows as he found a seat and watched me as the bus drove away.

Jonathan first day of school 1 Jonathan first day of school 2 Jonathan first day of school 3

I’m sure he’s having fun today.  But you know what?  That was hard.  I remember my mom made a point of walking us to school, to our classrooms, on the first day.  I wish I could have done that, too.  Inwardly, I played the part of the stereotypical mother – wondering if the school was properly set up to help guide him to class, hoping everything went smoothly.  I’m sure it is and will.  The school is designed for little ones (it only does Kindergarten and 1st grade).  But it was a little hard noneless.  And now I’m left wondering – why on earth is this hard when I had absolutely no problem with him going to preschool?  No nostalgia then, no issues – just excited for him and happy that he could experience it.  Maybe it helped that I drove him there and someone then walked him directly from the drop-off point to his classroom, the only preschool classroom.  And maybe it helped that preschool was only 2 1/2 hours a day, not “all day.”  I don’t know.  *Sigh*

But I’m feeling better about it now and look foward to see him coming off the bus, and to hear all about his first day of school – or at least all about what he wants to talk about… we’ll see if a dragon visited the school or if the bus turned into a space ship.  :)


Well, Jonathan returned home safely. :) He apparently enjoyed the bus ride: “Why did I have to get off the bus?  It was fun”

Jonathan first day of school - bus

When I asked him about school, starting with “What did you do when you got to school?” I got the following story (edited slightly to put into my approximation of chronological order, but not edited for grammar):

“I found my classroom.  I looked for the red flag and a flag with a sun on it, and I saw a flag with George on it.  That’s the one that told us that the bus was going to kill us with air.  But it didn’t.  He was wrong… and right…  I played at school.  I made robots.  One was disturbing and one was an air robot.  It was on top of it.

“Then we sat in the chairs and one of my friends brought dipping apples for snack time.  That’s right Mom…  And I know you…  And do monster shows give you nightmares?  And we saw the people who were on TV.  But not a movie that I liked.  It was a movie sticking together.  It wasn’t Curious George or Berenstain Bears.  It was none of those.  It was a movie of two teachers.  At school, one of them said, “Hi.” and on TV they kept talking.  And then I saw that one of them bonked, brought, and gonked their head.  Brought and gonked means you’re gunked.  Gunked means eeze.  And eeze means animals like monkeys or elephants or giraffes or tigers or worms or snakes or mice or snails or frogs…  The aquarium has lots of animals too.  Mooommm…

“Then something happened and it was cool.  It was writing crayons.  Writing on paper and writing monsters.  Mama, if you wear that sticker that has a name on it, you need to “Criss cross applesauce.”  Criss-cross applesauce is doing this (crosses his legs).  It’s going to be on your back or on your tummy.  (Goes to get sticker/label that was put on him to identify which bus he went home on.)  We wrote on crayons to know who our names are.  We were going to color babies.  When we were done making babies, I didn’t want to stop.  I just wanted to make a funny baby.  Then we made falting bodies, like this (slumps over, arms hanging down). That’s when you had too much stuff in your body.  That’s what Curious George did when he had too much air inside his body and then he let it out… Then we made happy faces.

“We played outside.  We talked through the red microphones and there was two of them, and where the kids could talk back and the other kid could give the talk back.  When we were done playing outside, it started snowing.  Snowing only on the part.  And we made snowmans and a snowbear.  The biggest ever…  We really did make a snowman…

“I liked it when I went to school…  When am I going to go to school?…  I’m thinking of quitting school.  Because I saw two baskets of milk that I don’t like sometimes.  I like milk with a cow on it, and none of those milks had a cow on it, so I decided to get another one.  But I didn’t.  I kept the snowman milk, and I didn’t even like it.  Did never, ever like it.  I had vegetables – green beans.  And a sandwich.  And pineapple.  And I had a fork and a napkin.

“After lunch, we went to the arc person class.  We talked to the art teacher.  She said we were going to paint and color and play with clay tomorrow.  She said she would give us presents, but she didn’t.  And she listened and listened and listened and listened.  And she told us lots of things to not touch everything, and not paint on our bodies, or not paint all over like that baby.  And that’s rude.  And one of the other kids touched what he wasn’t supposed to touch and he got in trouble. But I didn’t. I was good. I didn’t touch anything I wasn’t supposed to touch. And she said, “If you don’t listen to your teachers, you will be lost.”  And if I hold up my map and I see a little bit of brown, I would say, “Hey, that looks like my house!”  I’m talking about when we’re going to go camping, Mom.  We’re going camping outside together tomorrow.  We’re going to have some of my friends over…”

And “the last word” – “We went off the bus.  And the bus took us to the bus stop.  And Daddy caught me.”

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  1. How sweet!! I always wonder how I’ll react when Sophie goes off to school. Today I would have been happy to send her off somewhere all day, but I know I’m going to cry like a baby when that day comes.

    I loved his story. Did you get it on a voice recorder or something? I hope he doesn’t decide to quit school over milk. :)

  2. No voice recorder – I typed while he talked. :) And tried to keep him mostly on topic. :)

  3. Wow! What an imagination! He is a hoot. Thank you for sharing this–I loved it. And what an intelligent child————


  4. Here’s an update on the milk problem:

  5. […] expressed some concerns about school yesterday – specifically, about the lack of good milk.  Luckily, he seems to have solved this problem […]

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