“We need more money”

Jonathan loves to go to “eating places.” A few weeks ago, he was treated to back-to-back “eating places” as Bryan first took the children out for a few hours on Valentine’s Day (to give me some much-needed time alone), and then the next night we decided to have some family time out of the house (cold, rainy day). Both were at McDonald’s–the play place is definitely a hit!

So, today, as we were going home from a ward play group for lunch, Jonathan announced that we needed to go to an eating place instead. Rather than just saying “no” (like I usually do, but which never seems to stem his asking for it), I answered, “We don’t have enough money. We need lots of money to keep going to eating places.” (After all, what student family has the money to go out to eat once a day anyway?) Somehow it came out that money comes from “working at a job.” So, then Jonathan decided he needed to go work at a job! But then he said he would do that after we went to the “eating place.” :)

Once home, the following exchange ensued:

Bryan: “Jonathan, come eat your lunch.”

Jonathan: “But we need to get more money!”

Bryan commented that he was glad we didn’t live in a third-world country, as there would be plenty of opportunists wanting to exploit Jonathan’s willingness to work.

Throughout the day, Jonathan has continued to talk about how we need to get more money so we could go to an “eating place.” :)

So . . . I have to admit to mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it’s sad to hear my 3-year-old talk about how our family “needs more money.” But it’s been really nice to have him stop asking to go to “eating places”! :) We’ll see how long this lasts. :)

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