“Stop sharing!”

I found this in my unfinished drafts. It’s still a good story, so I’ll try to finish it up and post it now. :)

Jonathan has been very sweet this Christmas. Both he and Emma received stockings with a bit of candy (mostly M&Ms since we figured those were the least likely to make goopy messes) and some fruit. Emma’s candy was quickly put up out of reach (so she didn’t stuff it all in her mouth at once), but Jonathan was allowed a little more access to his. He was, however, more than happy to share this candy with Emma.

Case in point: on one occasion, they sat side by side, Jonathan giving Emma one M&M for every one he took. The problem was that Emma didn’t eat them as quickly as Jonathan did. Nor did she eat them as cleanly. Chocolate dripped out of her mouth. Yet she kept stuffing every M&M given to her immediately into the full mouth. She definitely looked like a chipmunk.

Never before did I picture myself having to say to a child, “Stop sharing!” But that time, I did. In a slightly different way, of course, still trying to encourage the intent behind the sharing… :) An unexpected example of how good intentions can sometimes lead to less than good results, I guess. :)

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