Helping his sister

The other day, as Emma was asking for water, Jonathan helped out and got her a cup with water from the fridge (I think I asked him to help her, but that doesn’t really matter).  Then, when she proceeded to take that cup of water into the living room and spill it on the couch, Jonathan took the initiative and, by himself, got a rag and started trying to clean it up.  :)

Today, as we sat waiting at the “Tag office” (we decided to go ahead and register our car in Georgia, even though we could keep the Utah registration because Bryan’s an “out of state” student), Emma again wanted water–this time from a water fountain.  The fountain was just low enough for Jonathan, but not at all her height.  Jonathan again took the initiative and started trying to lift her up to the fountain.  This didn’t work very well (she is 2/3 his size, after all), but it was so cute!  :)

I love my little boy being a helpful and loving big brother!  :)

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