Emma, fashion model and train engineer

It looks like life has ramped up for us again, so our children will be taking over the blog for the next several days.

First up is Emma.  These first two videos were filmed on Christmas Day, and both revolve around a similar theme: Emma learning to dress herself.  Of course, she’s learning to do it with other people’s clothes!

In this first one, she tries to put on Jonathan’s new pants.  I muted the background audio for this one, as it was the final few minutes of our Christmas “conference call” with my younger brother P.J. in the Georgia Macon Mission.  Cassia, who was filming this while I said my goodbyes to Elder Beckman, made one brief comment, which I kept in the film.  Emma herself was surprisingly quiet – no grunts, squeals, or cries – just focused concentration on the task at hand, so you don’t lose much with the lack of sound here.  It’s fascinating to watch her mind go to work on solving a problem.

For this next one, Emma got a hold of Cassia’s winter coat.  What’s really funny in this video is that she knows she’s cute, which fills me with a small measure of dread for when she gets older:

About a week later, Cassia and I set out to hang curtains in our living room. Cassia brought the ironing board into the living room to remove the folding creases from the fabric, and when she finished she folding the ironing board but didn’t put it away just yet. Jonathan and Emma later saw it, and their imaginations went to work. Watch what happens when Cassia suggests the board might double as a “train”:

All aboard the Emma Express!

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  1. One slight correction/addition: I suggested train because that’s what Jonathan had labeled it a few minutes before. :)

  2. Ya, I think you’re gonna need a big stick to beat the boys off with. She’s really cute :)

  3. such imagination that your children have Cassia.

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