Quick Family Update

Jonathan is continuing his transition into childhood (from babyhood) and is forever amazing me by all the new things he’s daily learning and showing me. Yesterday, he was able to point out his feet and rub his tummy for the first time. :) Maybe these seem like tiny things, but they are still amazing to me!

Unfortunately, this increase in learning is also associated with an increase in curiosity (i.e. extreme messes). It seems that any time I try to do a project (like the dishes, making the bed, or any sort of cleaning at all), he makes such a mess around me that I have twice as much to do. Ah, the joys of children. :) Maybe he’s just trying to teach me endurance–or just making sure that I never get bored with nothing to do! :)

I’m doing well. I read a lot (Clifford, Barney, etc.) and am able to workout (Jonathan runs fast!). It’s not easy, but I love being a mother. :) Oh, and I’ve learned I can make really intriguing dinners. I tried a new recipe yesterday–one that includes rosemary. Well, I’ve never really cooked with herbs before, so I just put in the required amount. Little did I know that I was supposed to CRUSH the rosemary first. Bryan and I ended up eating full rosemary leaves (which are actually like pine needles–not the most tasty consistency). We both ate all we could stand, then Bryan gave in and had some Mac and Cheese. :) Oh, well. I’ll figure it out in time, I guess! :)

Bryan’s being kept quite busy right now. In order to graduate in two years, he had to take a full load this semester (18 credit hours): including a three-some of undergraduate classes (since his undergrad was in a very different major)–called "the Core"–which alone would be almost enough to fill a semester, plus three graduate-level classes (one of which is PhD prep and is supposed to provide a homework load comparable to a PhD seminar. Yikes! Yes, he is very busy. But, despite the business, he is still loving it. He really enjoys Information Systems! :) So, that’s pretty much us for now. I hope all is well with you!

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