Family visits and family pictures (early March)

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit both of our families during a whirlwind Spring Break trip.  :)  The children actually did fairly well with all the travel, considering their usual activity levels. :)   Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera out much.  But I did get some picture highlights.  :)

First, we were able to spend a few days with Mom and Dad Beckman and Matthew.  Jonathan and Emma enjoyed following Matthew around and Kathryn enjoyed showing off her rolling skills.  Then we headed to Utah to visit my family, as well as Bryan’s brother Michael.

Visiting with Michael (and Stesha and Sophie)

Visiting with Michael (and Stesha and Sophie)

While visiting with Michael, we were also able to take the children through the Draper temple open house.  What a sweet experience!  :)

The brothers

The brothers

Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures while visiting my family.  At least the Sears photographer did!

Our family keeps growing - and did again about a month later when Brittany had her second daughter. :)
Just the siblings

Just the siblings (Chelsey, Brandon, Golden, Annie, me, and Brittany)

And the grandchildren. Do you realize how hard it is to get 5 children under 5 to sit still and smile and/or actually look at the camera? :)

And the cousins. Do you know how hard it is to get five children, four of them 2 and under, to sit still and smile, or even actually look at the camera? :)

Another "grandchildren" shot

Another "cousins" shot

Sweet moment. :) (Not sure what Emma was doing, though.)

(More from this photo session further down – now back to the trip.)

After a few days with my family, we headed back to Colorado for one last day with the Beckmans.  And I finally remembered to take pictures!  :)

Jonathan and Matthew play outside

Jonathan and Matthew playing outside

Trying out the tree (Emma in the background, joining them)

Trying out the tree (Emma in the background, joining them)

Emma telling me to go back in (me, not her - she fully intended to stay out). She was done with the pictures and just wanted to play! :)
Kathryn enjoying time with Grandma Beckman

Kathryn enjoying time with Grandma Beckman

Thank you, to both families, for being such wonderful hosts to us!  We had a great time visiting.  :)

Here are some more of the family photos:

Emma was ready to be done :)

Emma was ready to be done with the session


We still got a few more smiles out of her, though. :)










All three siblings.  These were some of the last pictures taken, and the children were done.  We still got some “mostly smiling” shots, though.  :)



Kathryn's face here makes me smile. :)



Stay tuned for more catch-up posts…  Bryan’s given me a day without the older two for Mother’s Day, so I’m trying to make use of it.  :)

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  1. You guys really have beautiful kids. I think Kathryn is a perfect mixture of Jonathan and Emma. It must have been so nice to spend that much time with your families. . . (I miss mine…)

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!! :D Kathryn is Hilarious!

  3. Natalie – it was nice to finally visit. That was actually the first time my family had seen Jonathan and Emma in person since well, just between these posts: and Emma has definitely changed since then! (And, on a side note, I just realized that the dress Emma is wearing in the first link is actually the same one Kathryn is wearing in the family pictures.) :)

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