More of Jonathan’s artwork

First in the exhibit was photographed on April 1st:


It is, of course, our family.  Bryan and I actually saw this after Jonathan had gone to bed and got excited.  Notice the number of figures?  And the fact that one is tiny?  We’ve been talking a lot about the baby that is growing in Mommy’s tummy, and this seemed an obvious proof that Jonathan understood.

It didn’t turn out quite like that, however.  The figure on the far left is correctly identified as Daddy (tallest/largest, of course), the larger and more rounded figure beside is Mommy.  Then comes Emma (it’s a little hard to see in this picture, but note the two pigtails on her head), and then Jonathan.  Who is this littlest one between Mommy and Daddy?  Well, according to Jonathan later on, it is Annie.  :)

I’d still like to think that he’d originally meant someone else, though…  :)


The next exhibit was photographed on April 10th:


This is one of the few proofs we have in pictures that Jonathan does draw more than balloon people.  This happens to be a spider on its web.  Note the eight legs on the spider.  :)


The final exhibit is actually two part.  Both were photographed today, April 27th:


Jonathan actually drew this a day or two ago and brought it to me specifically to be photographed.  Unfortunately, our camera wouldn’t turn on or charge that day, so he had to wait (it’s gotten a little finicky since we moved and randomly decides when it will turn on and/or charge–I’m still trying to figure this out, though it may have something to do with the battery).  He described it as our family, including baby and Annie, but I was unable to get exact identifiers at the time.  I thought that perhaps the 5 lines in the middle represented the baby, but then realized that they are more likely the hand of the bottom right figure.

The camera was nice to me today, so I went ahead and got a picture.  Then I asked Jonathan for identifiers.  He first just named everyone (Daddy, Mommy, Annie, Jonathan, Emma, and the baby).  But I wanted more specifics, so I asked him to point them out to me.  He, of course, immediately started with Daddy (large figure on the left, in case you were in doubt), and then Mommy (I believe I’m the one on the upper right).  Then he paused and said, “I forgot to draw Annie and the baby!”  So he added to his picture.  Here is the updated version:


The baby is the one in the upper right corner.  It has two eyes (though they look like just a line in the picture), but no nose or mouth.  Annie is the spider-like figure above Daddy.  On the other figures, the bottom right is Jonathan and the middle right is Emma (again, note the pigtails).  The figure under Daddy?  Apparently nothing.  At least that’s what Jonathan called it.  :)

(By the way, I love the fact that he always gives Bryan a tuft of hair in the middle.)  :)


And those are our exhibits for the day.  Hope you enjoyed them!  :)

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  1. Wow i am inpressed that Jonathan even added the pigtails! He even added Bryan being the tallest and biggest. oh and the one of me being the tiny one i am surprised i really thought it would be the baby!

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