Life in Atlanta

We all scream for ice cream

We all scream for ice cream

I’ve never lived anywhere where the neighborhood ice cream truck was as persistent as the one we have here. Every time we hear those clanging chords, we announce “There’s that noisy truck again. It plays loud music, doesn’t it?” […]

A rant about our local grocery store

Background:  We have a really nice local grocery store.  The prices are pretty good in general (and when I’m shopping sales they can be really good), the store is clean and well-organized, and they even double coupons that are 50 cents or less.  As I like to use coupons, this is a big plus to […]

Blockbuster loses a customer

Out west (in Utah, at least) a little upstart rental company called redbox is giving Blockbuster a run for its money. The concept is simple: set up DVD “rental stations” similar to vending machines outside of popular locations like McDonald’s restaurants and Smith’s grocery stores. Charge folks 99 cents per rental per night, with the rental automatically converted to a sale after 25 days. Stock the machines with tons of new releases (since those tend to fly off the shelves most quickly), toss out a free rental code or two every so often, and voila! Instant phenomenon.

I remember when redbox began its test market trial run in the Salt Lake/Utah County area a few years back. It didn’t take long for word-of-mouth to spread about this neat little vending machine outside the Mickey-D’s that let you watch movies for a buck a night. Soon the lines to get at this machine stretched far into the parking lot, and it was regularly out-of-stock of the most popular releases. What to do about that? Why, add another kiosk, of course! And so the “redbox craze” spread like wildfire up and down the Wasatch Front, such that when we left Provo back in August you could find one (or multiple) redbox kiosks at nearly every McDonald’s restaurant and Smith’s store around. And both of those businesses are pretty popular all by themselves.

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Problem:  Kindergarten is a full school day here.  Possible Solution: Preschool (so Jonathan gets used to the idea of going to school). Guess what?  Georgia has a free “Pre-K” program to better prepare 4-year-olds for kindergarten Problem: Pre-K is a mandatory full school day, too.  If parents pick children up early or drop them off […]

O Tannenbaum

Well, there’s only 6 days left until Christmas, so we figured it was high time for us to set up our Christmas tree. Actually, we’ve had the thing in our garage since Thanksgiving, but with all of the end-of-semester stuff going on we simply didn’t have the time or motivation to put it up.

In the city

The Robinson College of Business is located at the intersection of Broad and Marietta streets in Atlanta. At that same intersection, directly across the street, is Barbara M. Asher Square and the MARTA Five Points station, a major public transportation hub and the place where I used* to catch the express bus home at the […]

You know it’s humid when….

…your glasses fog up when you step out of your car. Seriously.

Back to music

We are just about settled in, though we have yet to go through our "miscellaneous" boxes and decorations. Our new home has a few quirks we are dealing with (like some mismatched paint patches from the last tenant and some overzealous vines that are trying to take over our backyard forest), but it really is […]

Home of the Braves . . . and the Beckmans

We’ve been here in Atlanta for two weeks now. So far, so good. With each new day a few more boxes are unpacked, a little more stuff gets organized, and we feel a bit less like squatters and more like people living in a home of our own. We’ll post photos (maybe even a video […]