Jonathan’s FHE lesson

We have a Family Home Evening chart and trade off responsibilities.  For instance,  this week I have “song” (choosing and opening song), Jonathan has “scripture” (sharing a scripture – up to him whether it goes with the lesson or not), Emma has “lesson,” Kathryn has “activity,” and Abby has “treat.”


Usually Bryan and I direct the lesson a lot.  We may provide an older child with some resources (like the nursery manual or a Friend magazine).  With the younger ones we usually have them help choose the topic and then guide the lesson around that.  Or sometimes we encourage a topic as well.

For this FHE (in May), Jonathan had the lesson.  And he wanted to do it with no help.  I expected a Friend reading of some type.  What I got was this:


He’d gathered a few supplies and made this drawing, representing our path toward heaven.  I find it funny that the actual path is squiggly, but it had to represent a lot of time.  :)  He marked baptism as a step along the path and used a picture of him as a toddler as the moving piece.  And then…


Bam!  This monster thing tries to get in your way.  (He actually added the words after the lesson.)  He told us that this monster wants to pull you in and stop you.  And then he gave examples of these monster temptations that we need to be aware of.  Things like


Video games.IMG_2323

Money and gems.IMG_2322And “trash talk.”


I was impressed.  He didn’t get this from a Friend or a manual.  He came up with all of this on his own.  And created plenty of visuals to share with us, as is classic Jonathan style.  I am so proud of him!  :)


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  1. I am impressed also. He is developing his teaching talents. Great job Jonathan!
    Love, Grandma Renita

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