April 2014

April doesn’t have as many “slice of life” photos as Bryan was home nearly the whole month.  I wasn’t complaining.  :)

We started the month off with spring break.  Bryan didn’t get back until Friday night that week.  Poor guy missed spring break altogether.

I took advantage of the time off school to encourage Jonathan to work on his Bear badge for scouts.  For instance, fixing Emma’s broken clothing drawer.


He did a great job (with direction, of course).  :)  I was very proud of him!


Meanwhile, Aaron hit the 4 month mark.  And he was already filling out 3-6 month clothes.  So funny to compare to Jonathan, who took a little time to catch up after his early birth!

Here’s Aaron in the jumperoo.  It would keep him content for a few minutes.  :)


My attempt at a “4 month” photo shoot didn’t go so well.  But here’s something at least.


(That’s a 6-9 month outfit.  And funny enough, he can still wear it now, nearly 5 months later!  It’s closer to the snug side now, but still – that’s quite impressive wear-ability for a baby outfit!)

And then Emma came along to play with her “sweet baby bwuther” (as she’d say in a “talking to baby” voice).



Oooo, hair!



Unfortunately, that sweet moment didn’t last long as I had to rescue Emma.  He may have been only 4 months old, but he had a great grip!


Then Bryan was home, just in time for General Conference.  That weekend was still crazy, between conference itself and his commitments between sessions, but it was sooo good to have him home again!


The next week we enjoyed a couple of Easter egg hunts.


And then Abby decided to become the Easter bunny… fairy princess.


I can’t even walk in heels! Not sure how she could do it so well in her toy shoes.


Wand, bunny ears, sparkly skirt, and her jacket.  The one she refused to wear in the fall or winter.  And then suddenly wanted to wear all the time in the spring.  When the temperatures were in the high 60s/low 70s.  Silly child.

We actually had to hide this, and her other jackets and coats.  Even now, if she finds one she wants to wear it – and it’s the middle of summer!  In fact, she’ll tell me she’s too warm so she needs her coat.  Hmmm, doesn’t quite work like that little one.  :)


Midway through the month, we discovered our iPod had been played with.  The iPod has a theft deterrent feature where it becomes disabled for a few minutes when an incorrect password is entered a certain number of times.  If this is repeated, the length of time the iPod is locked gradually increases.

Apparently, one of our children really wanted to figure out the password.  And was not deterred.


I have no idea how the child worked it up this much. 

Thankfully, we did not have to wait 44 years to unlock the device.  Much to our relief, we discovered that plugging it in to a recognized computer allowed a reset as well.


Since I was working on the March post at this point, I decided to needed some more photo shoot-like pictures.  So I tried to get a few.

Just to be fair, I started with myself.

IMG_2017IMG_2018Abby saw me (see her watching?) and wanted her turn.

IMG_2021Then Kathryn.

IMG_2022She wanted to show off her rock.  She and Jonathan both love to collect rocks.  I just wish they loved to organize those collections so I didn’t find random rocks (and pieces of sidewalk or road!) all over their rooms and other parts of the house.  Ah well.

Then Emma

IMG_2028See the look of “I’m planning something” in her eyes?


Then I moved on to Jonathan.  Who immediately cried out, “Hey!” and tried to hide what he was working on.


I had to convince him that I wasn’t trying to get into his “private business,” just trying to get a picture.  It took a  little convincing, but I finally got him to smile and look at me.

IMG_2027And, funny enough, I also got a picture of his paper.  He was making a list of tasty recipes.  :)


And finally, Aaron and Bryan.  I love this!


I tried to get a good one of the two of them looking at me, but *someone* wouldn’t work with me.


Bryan was a good sport, but Aaron was kind of tired.  I had to catch him well-rested to get a smiling picture.


The April family pictures would not be complete without Abby’s Anna doll.  She took this doll everywhere.  Thankfully the obsession has calmed by now (though she’s moved it a bit to “ponies” – My Little Pony toys), but Anna still has a favored place in Abby’s play.

IMG_2063 IMG_2064

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  1. What great pictures. I love looking at you all! Thank you for sharing these. Love, Grandma Renita

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