March 2014

The month of March started with Aaron hitting the four month mark.  Here he is on March 2nd, looking as adorable as ever:



(Chelsey – this is the one that reminded me of Connor!)


I’ll be honest, March was a rough month.  Bryan ended up out of town or in meetings the majority of the time and parenting alone is hard!  On the picture side, that means I didn’t do many “photo shoots” but did get some “slice of life” pictures that I sent to Bryan.


Tuesday, March 4th

Before Bryan left, he was able to take Jonathan and Emma to “Math and Science” night at Jonathan’s school.  It was wonderfully put together!  Here they are showing off something they designed to protect an egg when dropped.




Saturday, March 8th

This picture is courtesy of Sarah Taege who did the photography for the Georgia Birth Network’s “Meet the Midwives” event.

GBN meeting

I love this picture because (1) I’m rarely in pictures as I’m usually the one taking them, (2) Aaron is sleeping so sweetly, wrapped up on me, and (3) I was having a great time chatting with the midwife who delivered Aaron.  :)


Tuesday, March 11th 

I asked Kathryn to help gather the backpacks and coats as we were getting the older three ready for school.  She helped Kathryn-style – everything very carefully laid out.  Kathryn can be very particular about how things are arranged.  :)



Thursday, March 13th

As you can see in the picture above, it was still pretty chilly in the mornings.  We’d had some warmer weather the week prior – we’d even turned on the A.C. at one point – but this week it was back to late winter weather.  Mornings were especially cold.  Maybe it was because of the warm weather flavor, but it felt colder now than it had all winter!  Especially upstairs, where the bedrooms are.

Then I realized why.


Nope, not just in my mind.  The upstairs really was the coldest it had been this winter.  Because we’d forgotten to turn the heat back on.  Oops!

That day also brought some interesting mail.

Aaron got his first official letter.

IMG_1844 fixed

I don’t think he minds being listed as our child.  :P  Granted, they spelled his middle name wrong, even though I’d spelled it out over the phone.  Ah well.

And we got this for Kathryn:


Along with an invitation to an awards ceremony.  That we couldn’t make it to, unfortunately.  And I’m actually not sure what she won – she submitted three things (one picture, one photograph, and one story), so any of those could have won an award.  We had the same thing happen in December, when the regional award ceremony was held the day after Aaron was born.  I’ve tried contacting a couple of people about it but apparently they are having problems getting information on it as well.  And my internet searches aren’t helping.  So we know some project of Kathryn’s won some award, but that’s about it.  Hopefully we’ll find out more sometime soon!

(Added before posting – we found out!  She received first place in the regional awards for each of her submissions.  For state, she received second place in photography and first place in literature.)

At the end of this day, Emma decided to try her hand at documenting Aaron.  She caught these:




Wednesday, March 19th

The morning had been kind of rough.  Emma decided to help me out by doing my hair.  Here is her handiwork.



Aaron decided to wake up just after I got the older children off to school.  For the record, babies are supposed to sleep for another couple of hours so mommies have a chance to take a nap.  As I was not able to take a nap at the moment, I decided to get a few things done and put him in the wrap to keep him happy.  He fell asleep.  Not fair.  But sleeping babies are still so sweet!

IMG_1835 cropped


Friday, March 21st

Our local grocery store has a “Kids’ Cookies” program where children can get a free cookie from the bakery every time we visit the store.  And if this isn’t enough, there is also a 10 punch card which, when full, can be entered into a drawing for a large cookie.  Surprisingly, Jonathan won February’s drawing.  So here was his cookie cake:



Monday, March 24th

The movie Frozen was just released  and Abby was mesmerized by Elsa’s “Let it Go” song.  So I pulled it up on YouTube and let her watch that clip.  Over and over.  And over.  She started singing along so I got out my phone to record it.  Of course, she was much more timid when she realized I was trying to record her.  :)

Meanwhile Aaron was playing in his little baby gym, so I decided to get some footage of him as well.

Tuesday, March 25th
Emma peeled an orange and wanted a picture of it.  I can’t remember why.  But I love her smile!



Wednesday, March 26th

As of the end of March, Aaron was officially mobile.  He was placed on his stomach, head over the burp rag.  He ended up both rolling over and then moving in a circle.  And thus began the “don’t leave things on the floor” phase of his babyhood, which made things interesting…
…especially when his siblings came home and did this with their backpacks:


I was not amused.


Thursday, March 27th
Abigail dressed herself and declared she was ready for school.  She even had her laptop ready.  Growing up way too fast.  :)



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