A different way of seeing things

We’ve started a new to-do program with our children that includes two family job “picks” – basically, we make a list of about eight or nine family jobs that they can do and they pick two.  That way they choose what jobs they do and even the last to pick gets a choice.  Sometimes it’s surprising which jobs they choose.  Each day we make a new list depending on what attention the house needs.

One item to sometimes make the list is cleaning the bathroom counters (all bathrooms).  We’ve now had both Emma and Jonathan choose this job, and were surprised to find it provided a good visual for how differently they view and organize things in their minds.

First Emma.  She set out to tidy our master bathroom counter and we ended up with something like this:


She kept the soaps with each sink but lined everything else up along the back.  For reference, we’d originally had all of Bryan’s hygiene items in the corner near the sink he uses to shave.  Apparently that did not appear orderly enough for her.  :)  We kept it for a few days though, in part to honor her effort.

I honestly didn’t think much of that until Jonathan did the job.  He cleared everything to wash the counter then put everything back “neatly.”  Here’s how he organized it:


And close-ups: IMG_0676



It was neatly designed, three items on each counter edge, spaced evenly.  Three groups along the back, each outer group a mirror image of the other.  And then a triangle design in the front, with the two smallest items as the outermost ends.  Very balanced, good use of empty space, very artistic.  No, he was not trying to be silly or make things hard to work with.  That was truly the way that looked most organized to him.  Jonathan has a bit of a different way of seeing the world, and the contrast with not only how we would do it but also with his sister’s work seems an excellent way of showing that.

But no, we are not leaving the counter like this.  I do need something a little more practical.  :)

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  1. Good way to learn more about the children! It was fun seeing this. Thanks for sending.



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