Raingutter Regatta

Jonathan’s scout pack is taking a break for the summer, but they had one special pack meeting in July – the Raingutter Regatta.

Here is Jonathan’s ship:


He dressed in all black to match it.



We got there a little late, but they quickly worked him into the races.  And he actually won his very first race!


Unfortunately the ship did not last well.  He’d started on it late so we’d opted for a “weatherproofing fast dry glaze” over normal wood paint as opposed to the recommended gloss enamel paint that took 2 days to dry, per coat (and multiple coats required).  Either the fast dry glaze wasn’t as fast as promised or “weatherproofing” does not mean it can be in a tub of water for 30 seconds at a time.  Either way, we learned our lesson.  Next year he’ll start earlier.  Thankfully it is still OK to display, now that it has re-dried.


The white is the glaze re-wetting.

It was hard for him to continually lose the races, but he still went ahead and did his best each time.


Meanwhile, his sisters entertained themselves.  Emma and Kathryn played in an enormous playhouse.


Abby hung around me and looked cute.



After the races were over and the winners announced, everyone went inside for the awards part of the meeting.  We’d kept forgetting to work on his wolf award and that had to be finished by his birthday.  But with some extra cramming at the end he was able to make it and earn his wolf.  Part of this award included a painted paw on his forehead.  He was rather proud of that.  :)



No, Jonathan. That is not a smile.



  Now we’re on to working on his bear.  Definitely do not want to repeat the cramming session again.  :)

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  1. Great work! Love, Gramma

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