Playing with big brother

The children had some friends over to play after school on Friday – two little girls just older and younger than Emma.  Usually the children all play together, but this time Jonathan found himself left out as the girls were playing inside and he wanted to play outside.  I suggested he invite Kathryn but she was playing with the other girls.  This is what I found a few minutes later:

I tried to stay discrete (hence the not so great angle) and it was so sweet to watch them interacting!  Jonathan had even brought a bowl of cheerios for Abby.  It wasn’t long before I got caught though.  :)

So I took that opportunity to get a slightly better angle.

Here’s Jonathan describing what he’d been doing with his sister:

Warning – it is not the best video quality.  I’m still figuring out why!why why why!


I’m still figuring out the video function on the camera.  And Jonathan likes to add to my posts.  And just to be mean, I’m leaving it.  :)  Anyway…


After this, he took her back down the slide a couple of times.

Then Emma noticed that I was taking pictures and decided to come outside after all.  For pictures.

I called “Abby!  Look at me!”  So Emma decided to help out.

“Emma, it’s OK!  Let go of her face!”

Much better.

And then Emma put her down and soon after went back inside.  Yep, out for the photo op.  :)

Abby enjoyed the grass though.


The weather was beautiful, the kids were cute, but what made this “share worthy” to me was the love I saw my 8 year old son show his 1 year old sister.  When he plays with Emma, and even with Kathryn, he is able to play as with peers.  But with Abby, it was all service to her.  And that melted my heart.  I love my children!  :)

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  1. I enjoyed this so much.

    Love, Gramma

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