Some fun things from Jonathan


Jonathan: “We made those because Emma and I wanted to hibernate.  It didn’t work out.  Daddy made us eat too much and then we couldn’t sleep.”

Bathroom sign

This lets us know that the bathroom is for both boys and girls.  Unlike his school bathrooms.  We also have signs for the stairs, our bedrooms, and the front door.  Cute!

This sign took me by surprise.  One morning Jonathan came down with this sign, one of his many “don’t” signs.  In Jonathan’s words, this sign says, “Don’t litter” or “Don’t leave candy wrappers on the ground.”  A beloved guest had bought some cream-filled caramels a couple days before and hadn’t been as good as she should be with throwing away the wrappers.  I just didn’t expect the chastisement to come from my almost 6-year-old!  :)

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  1. *Whistle* Huh. Who would do such a thing?!

  2. LOL

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