Sunday photo shoot (pre-church)

And this completes our April pictures.  These pictures were all taken on Sunday, April 11th.  It started in honor of Kathryn’s pig tails (the second time I’ve done two for her and the third time I’ve done anything with her hair – it’s hard!).  Later it morphed into a glimpse of a usual family Sunday around here.

Emma was posing so I got her first.  This picture isn’t that great, but it does show the whole of her dress.  This has become one of her favorites.  Go figure – it’s pink, has pretty bows, and is a good “twirl” dress.  What’s not to like?

Then I tried to get Kathryn.  She wasn’t too happy about it.  Actually, she was still mad about me having done the pigtails in the first place, I think.

Don’t worry.  She got over it pretty quickly.  :)

Then Jonathan wanted his turn.

And, of course, he then had to “go crazy.”

Yeah, that’s Jonathan for you.  :)  And in posting these I’ve realized I need to work on figuring out the camera in “natural light” – some turn out great, some not so much.  I’ll work on that.

Then we went to church.

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  1. They are so adorable!! Emma looks just like you!!!!

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