All about Emma (3 years 8 months old)

I don't have a picture of a mad face. Take this beautiful smile instead. :)

September 2009


Strong-willed:� Emma can be very stubborn.� Her refusal to nap is one example.� Funny enough, this strong will seems to dampen quite a bit when she�s with her big brother.� But I think this is slowly starting to change as she grows and interacts with more children her own age as well.� She is also very free in expressing her displeasure with Bryan and myself.� That�s something we�re trying to work on with prompt time-outs.� But she does make a fairly funny �mad face� (yet says she�s scared when I make the face back to her).� Too bad I don’t have a picture of that.� I think her strong will can be a very good attribute � as long as we make sure it develops in the right way!� :)

Also September 2009

Also September 2009

Imaginative:� This isn�t surprising given that her first and major playmate is also very imaginative.� In general, Emma tends to follow and build upon Jonathan�s pretend play.� But she also expresses her own in his absence.� For instance, she has an imaginary friend, �Friend Brother.�� Friend Brother is an interesting person.� He is sometimes so small that he can fit in her hand, and sometimes so large that he�s bigger than me!� And he goes with her everywhere.� I think she once even had me “buckle” him into a car seat.

First day of preschool

First day of preschool

And along with the imagination has come a very good vocabulary.� Emma speaks so much better than Jonathan did at this age.� She�s only a little bit behind Jonathan in her vocabulary, it seems, though we do sometimes need to work on clarity of speech.

Happy:� I always get comments about how smiley she is.� Until a few months ago she tended to be really shy with other people, to the point that her nursery leaders had problems understanding what I really meant when I said she could talk in sentences.� But they loved how smiley she was.� She started preschool last September and I was afraid this �no talking� trend would continue.� Thankfully it did not, but the smiling did.� Her preschool teacher, Mrs Stewart, said Emma was her smiley girl.� And whenever she plays at her friends� homes I usually get comments about how happy and polite she was.� That�s always good to hear.

First day of preschool

First day of preschool

Independent:� Aside from when she�s playing with Jonathan, Emma is very independent.� She is actually pretty good at entertaining herself.� And she loves to serve her own food.� She particularly enjoys sandwiches – either peanut butter or ham.� For PB, she always wants to spread it herself.� For ham, she wants to spread the miracle whip herself then add the ham and cheese herself.� She also gets her own drinks, though sometimes she�s decided that it was more efficient to get it straight from the spout � yuck!� She also prefers to brush her teeth by herself (and tends to do a fairly good job, too).� That can be very nice when I�m trying to get three little ones ready for bed at the same time!� :)


Here she is modeling her princess outfit from Christmas - shoes, purse, "beautiful dress," necklace, sunglasses, and tiara.

Modeling her princess outfit from Christmas

Colors:� Pink and purple are her favorites, by far.� And anything that sparkles.� :)

Toys:� She loves the computer (including the Friend website), her little doll house, and her dress up clothes � sunglasses, jewelry, princess shoes, dress, Supergirl outfit, doctor toys, etc.� She also loves puzzles and is quite good at them � she can even do Jonathan�s United States puzzle by herself.� Her baby doll and stuffed cougar �Isis� are still well enough loved to keep their place on her bed (and move with her when she sleeps on our bed while Kathryn screams) but don�t get played with quite as much anymore.

Activities: Believe it or not, Emma loves to help out.� Well, sometimes.� Unless she�s wanting to play with Jonathan.� But she is quite good at helping out.� She can make her own bed (and ours too), fold clothes (including sorting diaper supplies), put away silverware and even wash dishes.

And speaking of washing, Emma loves to wash her hands.� And wash, and wash and wash.� If she had her way she�d spend at least 5 minutes with the water on each time she washes her hands.� Not surprisingly, she also enjoys baths.� But she doesn�t like her head in the water � she always wants me to wash her hair using cups of water to rinse it.


Enjoying a bath

She also loves to chalk outside and play board and card games (even by herself).� Some favorites are Uno, Candy Land, The Game of Life, and Blokus.� She loves to go outside to get Jonathan from the bus stop and walk around and during the summer she loves going swimming and swing at parks.� And she loves it when I flip her over me and when we have Family Home Evening.

Other things she loves: reading, taking pictures, watching Curious George and Tinkerbell, Primary (especially the singing part), looking at Jonathan�s money, using flashlights, pretending to be a princess (or anything princess, really), coloring and doing activity pages, especially if Jonathan is doing it too.� She also loves to go shopping and especially likes the grocery store Publix because kids get a free cookie.

Riding a "horse" with Lainey and Lily

Riding a "horse" with Lainey and Lily

Friends: By far her favorite friend is Jonathan.� Kathryn can also rank up there, and both make her list when she�s asked to name her friends.� It�s really sweet to hear her confirm that in most of her prayers � �Thank thee that I could play with Jonathan.� And thank thee that I could play with Kathryn�.�� She also likes Brooke, Hailey, Ashlynn, Lainey and Lily (all from her preschool class and/or the ward).

Fashion:� Emma makes a point to wear clothes that �match.�� That doesn�t mean that I always think they match, but she does.� She used to really prefer dresses but is now enjoying her colored pants/leggings more.� Her Halloween outfit is a current favorite.� She also especially enjoys jewelry and makeup (well, her pink toothpaste or colored lip balm, both of which she says are lipstick).� This seems funny to me given that I don�t wear make up so she didn�t get it from watching me.� :)� And she adores shoes.� It�ll be interesting when she becomes a teenager.

Crazy hair

An example of a crazy hair day

She also prefers to do her own hair and has surprised us both with how crazy that can get and how well she can do it.� Sometimes I think she does better than I would have!� And of course, she loves to hear how pretty she is.� Her current preference is to have her hair down with nothing in it (or a headband sometimes).� But I�m guessing she�ll go back to bows again soon � she tends to move between those two.

Food:� Cheese is a favorite, but she�s recently added fruit to her �favorites� repertoire � she especially likes apples, peaches, and grapes � things she can get for herself.� We�re still working on the finishing part, though, and often find half eaten apples or cheese sticks on the table (hopefully they make it to the table).� Still working on that.� :)� She also loves treats.� Cookies, chocolate, ice cream, candy canes�.� She takes after me that way.� And I�ve found her on many occasions having snuck a cookie or other treat under the table to eat it without me seeing.� But when I start feeling especially mad I have to remember that I did similar things myself.� Payback I guess.� She also loves to have oatmeal in the morning � oatmeal with frozen blueberries on top.

Here's something I dislike - Emma's toothpaste all over Jonathan's carpet. She wanted to use it as lipstick. I'm pretty sure it came out much easier than lipstick would have, thankfully.

Here's something I dislike - Emma's toothpaste all over Jonathan's carpet. She wanted to use it as lipstick.� Thankfully it came out much easier than lipstick would have.

Dislikes: Naps.� That girl can be yawning and even struggling to keep her eyes open yet still manage to stay up all day long (despite my efforts to get her to rest) and even long into the night.� I don�t know how she does it.� I know I�m tired!� On the other end of things, she also dislikes getting up in the morning.� This morning she snuck back into bed after I�d gotten her out.� Couldn�t entirely blame her though � that�s exactly what I wanted to do myself!� :)

When she�s not in a �help mom� mood, she doesn�t like to clean either.� I think she picked that up from Jonathan.

I can�t really think of any food she dislikes.� She sometimes complains about pizza and bread crusts, but I think that�s more from her friends� examples than a real dislike.� And she�s complained about �spicy� foods, but that�s because of Jonathan.� I guess she�s not too keen on potatoes (like potato bar).� And she really doesn�t like �yucky� apples � ones that have oxidized because she only ate half then left it out.� I�m a mean mom and usually make her eat them anyway.� I think it�s good for her.� :)� Other than that, the only food she �dislikes� is the one that she doesn�t want to finish.� And she is very good at racking up unfinished meals in the fridge.� I try to have her finish at the next meal but don�t always remember.� And she�s perfectly happy with me forgetting.� :)


Supergirl helping Daddy take care of leaves (Nov 2009)

Out of the mouth of Emma:

What�s your favorite thing to do? Clean my room. (I take exception to this � the actual cleaning part is generally very painful for all involved.� But she does love to have her room clean once it�s done.)� Can you write that I like to clean the kitchen on this?� Can you write that for me? (What else do you like to do?)� Write my work I have to do. (What�s that?) Clean my bedroom, clean the kitchen, everything I have to clean. (She seems to have cleaning on her mind.� Too bad it�s bed time or I�d take advantage of that!)

What do you like to wear? Sparkly shoes. (She just got some new shoes that have sparkles on them.)� And a sparkly shirt.� Sparkly pants.� Sparkly�� You know, me and Jonathan were wondering what Kinsey made her eyes look sparkly at church day.� And they were so pretty and sparkly.� And Kinsey showed us what made them sparkly and I wanted some.� And Kinsey�s mom put some on the outside of my eyebrows.� And wasn�t that fun mom?� Wasn�t that fun?

Halloween outfit

Halloween outfit

What do you like to eat? Um, I�ll tell you all the food I like to eat.� Spaghetti, macaroni, and sardines.� What do sardines look like, Mom?� Are you writing sardines? (For the record, she actually has never had sardines.)� Spaghetti� I see something.� Hey, this says �Emma.�� This says �Emma.�� And some people draw one of my, this letter in my name, a different shape, but it�s still this letter (�e�). (OK, what else do you like to eat?)� Um� vans.� I like vans.� (laughs)� I�m just kiddin� ya.� Are you writing vans, Mom?� Vans is yucky.

What do you not like? I don�t like when Jonathan hits me with something.� He does that just sometimes when he�s mean to me.� And when Jonathan hits me, I hit him back.� I do that and Jonathan does that when we�re both mean to each other.� We hit each other.� And then my baby dolls from bears kids walk into Jonathan�s room and hit our legs with something.� And when I saw them, I spanked them with something. (Hmm� sounds like I need to work on the Golden Rule here�)� (Is there anything you don�t like to eat?)� I don�t like black, I don�t like black spaghetti.� That�s yucky.� And I don�t like black eggs either. (I don�t blame you.)� And I don�t blame you either.

Do you ever like to go to sleep? No.� I just like to stay up and do stuff.� I just like to stay up and do things.� I just want to do that.� �Hey Bolt!� Hey Bolt!� Where are you Bolt?�� Do you know Calico is a mean word.� Is that right Mom?� I love to eat yucky macaroni.� (pretends to throw something)� I throwed some yucky macaroni at your whole face. (That�s not very nice.)� It�s just pretend.


She loves her Christmas shirt too. March 2010


Whenever she says she loves me she wants me to respond, �Yay!� You love me!�� If I don�t, she prompts me.� :)

And she just took out my ponytail saying, �Oh, your hair looks crazy.� You look crazy with long hair.� But when I take this out you look beautiful.�

�I can�t do it � my legs are too tired!�� (When I ask her to clean something up and she doesn�t want to.)

So that�s a bit of Emma for you.� :)

And some more pictures:

Playing hide-and-seek with Jonathan

Playing hide-and-seek with Jonathan (Nov 2009)


Doing dishes. They actually did a really good job!� (Jan 2010)

Having fun

Playing with Kathryn and Daddy� (Oct 2009)

Jonathan showing off her wall drawing. I think it's a self portrait. I have to make sure there are no pens in her room at night.

Jonathan showing off her wall drawing. I think it's a self portrait. Now I have to make sure there are no pens in her room at night.


Close-up of the top. At least she was learning the letters in her name. She could never quite remember the order, though. :)

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  1. How cute! She’s growing up so fast! From what you say she reminds me a lot of Sophie. :) I’m glad to see more blog posts from you! I love hearing about your kids :)

  2. What a character! And it looks like she has your beautiful hair. She comes by being strong-willed honestly–my side of the family has some pretty strong-willed people! Hard to know what to do. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about the children–I love it!

    Love, Gramma

  3. I love the bath shot–she is a happy girl…pretty easy to see. You’re doing such a good job :)

  4. “Dislikes: Naps.”
    Sorry, Cassia. She comes by this naturally. It sounds exactly like you! Remember, all my children, except for Golden, quit taking naps by 18 months! Trust me, you’ll live through it as well as I did!

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