The Mommy present

I’ve received “mommy presents” before – the little homemade craft from school or Primary or Nursery, made by your child (with lots of teacher help, of course).  They’re usually not especially “nice” in material (nor robust, unfortunately) – cardstock is a common medium.  Yet there is just something special about them.  Something perhaps only a mother would recognize and cherish.  And I do.  :)

Jonathan shared his most recent “mommy present” with me today.  In true “mommy” form, I want to show it off.  :)  Since most of you won’t be able to see our fridge or desk or fireplace mantle anytime soon, I’ll share it with you here in pictoral form.  :)

Here is what he first presented to me – a filled paper bag, stapled at the top and nicely decorated with a winter holiday theme.


Here is the back, displaying his current favorite holiday’s theme – scary, creepy things


Here is a close-up of the top where he labeled the bag – his “secret” (with Kindergarten spelling – SEKriT).


For those who may not have this background knowledge, one of the currently most read books in our house is The Little Critter’s “Just a Secret” book.  Little Critter makes something and hides it, making sure no one finds out what he made.  Naturally he loses it, but then is able to find it again with the help of his little sister.  At the end he brings it out wrapped up as a gift for his mom.  His secret was her birthday gift from him – a homemade mobile.  And she loved it, of course.  :)

This is what I found inside my “secret” –


He first showed me his calendar.  On the outside, a very well done handprint with name and date (mainstays of a “mommy present,” and for good reason!).


It’s a picture of our family (complete with name labels so we’d know who was who – Emma, “Kathrin,” Jonathan, Mom, and Dad.  On the right is a column of stickers “on our house.”  Bottom to top – a cookie, a Christmas tree, a star “to help us remember when Jesus was born,” a present, a picture of Santa Claus, and a mug of hot cocoa.  At the top he wrote “Have a great Christmas” (HAZ a GRat KRISMIS).  (The calendar part was printed by his teacher with the intention that each month be removed as time goes by so the picture stays at the top.)

Next he brought out his ceramic bowl.  His “glaze project” as he called it.  As this is obviously not a 2D object, I have pictures of multiple angles to give you a fuller feel for its sweetness.  :)





It’s hard to see on this last picture, but I highly suspect he carved a smiley face into the bottom of the bowl.  I didn’t notice it until after he went to bed and Bryan pointed it out, though.  But it wouldn’t surprise me.  I tend to make a lot of smiley faces and Jonathan has noticed that and followed suit.  :)

And finally, he was very excited to have me open the card.  He first pointed out who the envelope was addressed to – “Mom.”

CardsmSo sweet.  Obviously he had help with the writing (no way he could have spelled those correctly without direction!), so I don’t know how much may have been teacher-dictated.  But I love it no matter what!

He identified the four colored objects as presents – a ball, a lightsaver, a clown doll, and pretend claws.  Huh.  Odd . . . but still cute.  He also pointed out that he colored in the heart, too.  Then had me read the two handwritten words on the other half – Love. Jonathan

When I was done reading it, he took the card and showed me the front again.  He said he went fast to pick a card so he could get this one because he liked it so much.  :)

So there is my “mommy present.”  And it was complete with a beaming little boy, excited to show his mom all the things he made for her.  :)  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that one.  Hopefully I can make up for that soon.

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