Kathryn’s first birthday

Kathryn card sm

Jonathan and Emma playing on Kathryn’s birthday (I think she was napping at this time)–

Jonathan in room sm
Emma sm

Emma was much more accommodating.

Jonathan Camera Smiling sm

I finally got Jonathan to acknowledge the photographer. This is his camera "smile." We need to work on that.

This is what I got when I tried to break his "camera smile" by goofing off. It's blurry, but at least it's a real smile! :)

This is what I got when I decided to break his "camera smile" by goofing off. The picture is blurry and a little ackward - but at least its a real smile! :)

Jonathan’s gift to Kathryn–

Creation sm

Jonathan wanted to give Kathryn a present, too. This is his "creation" - complete with body, neck, head, and hat. There were three shelves behind the pillow, each with a "present" (like a blanket, a stuffed animal, etc.)

Here are some cute shots of Kathryn as she waited for dinner/cake after just getting up from her nap.  She chewed on her fingers a lot that day – probably because she had some teeth about to come in.  :)

Kathryn 0 sm Kathryn smile blurry sm Kathryn 2 sm
Kathryn 3 sm Kathryn 4 sm
Kathryn teeth sm

Close-up sm

Emma 2 sm

Here’s the cake:

Cake sm

I love using berries to decorate cakes, so I thought I'd use them in her words. It was much harder than I thought it would be. I think I'll stick with berry borders next time. :)

Jonathan was very unhappy that the “Happy Birthday Kathryn” took up so much of the cake – he’d had his own plans for decorating!  Luckily, we were able to mostly accommodate those in the upper corner.  There you see the sun with stars beside/around it.  The purple and green in the middle is a flower (started by Emma).  The blue figure on the left is Bryan, the purple is me, the red is Jonathan, the pink with pigtails is Emma, and the pink under the flower is Kathryn crawling.  Funny – we’re just two weeks past this cake and she no longer crawls much.  It’s amazing how fast things change with little ones!

We got a video of Kathryn’s first cake experience, but it ended up being very long… so here are some screen shot highlights for you. :)

Kathryn cake 01

First given cake

Kathryn cake 02

Timid touches

Kathryn cake 03

Smashing - and it's still not taken away yet!

Kathryn cake 04
Kathryn cake 05

Oh, ice cream too!

Kathryn cake 06
Kathryn cake 10

I like the creamy white part!

Kathryn cake 11

And blueberries. I love blueberries.

Kathryn cake 12

I need a bigger mouth for this!

Kathryn cake 14

I think I'll get rid of this bottom part, though.

Kathryn cake 15

Oh, you saw that?

Kathryn cake 17

Hmm... now I have sticky stuff all over my hands.

Kathryn cake 18

You know what?

Kathryn cake 19

How messy was she? Not as bad as she could have been, but let’s just say that I’m glad I removed her clothes first. :) And glad her diaper could be wiped clean.

Kathryn cake mess smile sm

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  1. that is just too adorable. Thank you for doing all this. Jonathan and Emma’s pictures turned out really cute, too.
    Love, Gramma

  2. WOW ! SHE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT. I can’t believe it. They all look so cute.

  3. How adorable! I miss you guys!

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