Independence (April)

Jonathan’s new-found love of rules and order has produced some good results, like this one:

So proud of himself

So proud of himself

What’s special about this?  Jonathan is posing in front of his newly-made bed.  The bed he made all by himself. He pulled the covers up, he folded the blankets – he did it all!  Since this time, he has also put on his own bedsheets (after all but the fitted were stripped off).  He’s proud of himself, and I’m so happy to have him able to do something on his own!

Other things he can now do all by himself (not comprehensive):

  • Brush his teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Turn on a movie (not very often, though, because Mommy and Daddy don’t like him playing with the equipment quite yet!)
  • Put together his United States puzzle
  • Clean his room (with encouragement)
  • Open granola bars and fruit snack packages
  • Put away the silverware
  • Set the table
  • Fix/tape up broken books
  • Wake up (at the crack of dawn)
  • Get his own breakfast if Mommy’s not awake yet

That last one is both nice and scary.  It used to be that Jonathan would wake me up when he woke up.  Then, after Kathryn was born and I had some “I’m so tired that I’m falling asleep on the floor” or “can’t get out of bed” moments, he decided to take some pity on me and take care of himself.  His current favorites are frozen waffles – he can prepare them himself.  And he’s happy to take care of Emma.  Which then led to this morning:


I woke up to realize that it was much lighter outside than usual.  Then I realized it was much later than usual.  I came downstairs to find this scene (which was actually quite impressive given how “clean” it was compared to how much a mess they could have made).


Emma on her "boat"

Jonathan decided he needed Kathryn in his "boat"
This one shows Emma's independence as she refills her water by herself

This one shows Emma's independence as she refills her water by herself (in the background)

And Kathryn just looks cute. :)

And Kathryn just looks cute. :)

I’ve now learned that Jonathan will wake up early and check on us.  If Bryan’s up and still home, Jonathan will stay up with Daddy.  If Bryan’s not home and I’m still in bed, Jonathan will check on Emma.  If she’s still not awake, he goes back to his room and plays quietly.  But once Emma’s awake, they head downstairs.  I think this may be partly due to the fact that he doesn’t want to go downstairs (or anywhere, for that matter) on his own when it’s dark.  :)  Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I love the fact that I get more sleep, but the idea of my two preschoolers doing their own thing in the kitchen is not a comforting one.  :)  Luckily we have “top of the door” locks that ensure they won’t leave the house without me knowing.  But it looks like I need to make sure I’m up earlier… we’ll see how that goes.  :)

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