Hiding from the camera (late March)

For once, I actually thought to take out the camera to try to catch a “moment” – this time, Emma and Jonathan playing with some of their best friends.  Unfortunately, the “photo shoot” didn’t turn out too well.  This is one of the best pictures:


Where’s Jonathan?

Here he is, running away from the camera:



At least he was fairly good-natured about it when Mommy followed and cornered him.

That was the first, and only, time that he hid from the camera.  Usually he’s OK with me taking his picture.  Emma gets much more tired of the pictures.  Probably because I try to take so many of her, especially when she is all dressed up on Sundays.  Like this attempt:


Mommy is so annoyingly persistent

Jonathan "helping Mommy" by caging Emma in

Jonathan "helping Mommy" by caging Emma in



Oh, OK Mom. I'll sit still for *one* picture.

And the pictures with Jonathan show another more recent trait – rule enforcement.  Jonathan has gotten into the “follow the rules” stage (or rather, try to make sure others do so).  Along with this has come an understanding that things have a place, and a desire to keep them in that place (though this does not usually correspond to cleaning, ironically).  Which has often led him to try to “help” us by “correcting” Emma or otherwise forcing her to obey/do what he thinks she is supposed to.  Emma, on the other hand, has gotten into the independent stage, where she wants to see what “rules” she can break.  This has led to some not so fun confrontations, and Jonathan getting reminders that I am the parent, not him, and thank you for your desire to help, but I can handle this on my own.  :)

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