Family home evening (late March)

Thanks to an “unfinished projects night” enrichment, I finally finished a project I started about a year and a half ago – the Family Home Evening board.  Actually all I had left to finish were the stars, but it still took me a year and a half to put aside the time to do it.  :)


I was excited to finally get it done, but I didn’t realize how much it would change FHE for our children!  Jonathan immediately set to figuring out who had what assignment.  And he got excited when it was his turn to help out with the treat.  Here’s what he requested:


A special Family Home Evening cake.  Emma and Jonathan helped mix it, spread the frosting and add the sprinkles.  I cut the strawberries and they put them on, by themselves.  And Jonathan wrote the letters.  I was quite impressed!  :)

Now FHE is something that Jonathan looks forward to every week.  He loves talking about our assignments beforehand.  He loves choosing part of FHE – a few weeks ago he chose the “Activity” of pretending to be various animals.  :)  And he loves changing the stars afterward.

That was definitely a project worth finishing!  :)

3 Responses to “Family home evening (late March)”

  1. I Love the plaque! way cute!

  2. Cool! When I get there we can all have a part! (I noticed the scripture wasnt taken. :D) We’ll just say the blank one is Annie’s :) hehe.

  3. Actually, Annie – I have a couple of blank stars and plan to write your name on one of them for your stay here. :)

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