Our growing children

Kathryn is now 5 months old.  In honor of the occasion, I tried to get some good new pictures of the children.  “Tried” really is the most appropriate word.  Even Emma, who in the past has always been quite photogenic, was really hard to get (thanks to her new “say cheese” smile… yikes!).  I really hope we have better results next week when we get family pictures done with the Kofoed side.  :)

So, here are my best efforts:

First of all, the now obligatory Kathryn vs baby picture:


Left: 5 months old. Right: 3 months old. Not a huge change, but you can still tell she's grown. :)

Kathryn now weighs about 15 lbs (about the 50% mark for 5 months) and measures between 25.5-26″ (between 75-90% or about the size of a 6-6.5 month old).  She is currently growing into size 6-9 month clothes, which is a little sad because she didn’t put the 3-6 month clothes to much use yet.  :)


She is still generally very happy and has begun vocalizing more (and loudly) and paying more attention to toys in her activity gym and jumperoo.  She started rolling from her front to back about a month ago and is now a pro.  She’s also good at squirming and can rotate herself in a semi-circle.


Emma is now just over two and a half (2 yrs 7 mo to be exact).  She weighs about 34.5 lbs and is about 37″ long – about the size of a 3 or 4 yr old.  She’s now wearing 4-5T shirts and 3-4T pants (but actually mostly 4-5T dresses – she still loves her “pretty dresses”).

She’s become much more independent and has even tried to cross paths with Mommy.  Yesterday she was told very sternly (by both Mommy and Jonathan) that initiating a tug of war with me over a toy I’d just confiscated was not acceptable.  Her answer?  “Oh.”

Her favorite pretend play is being “another Mommy.”  Baby has now grown quite a big vocabulary and I have to be careful to not assume it is Emma talking to me when I hear something sweet like, “I love you Mommy,” because more than half the time it is followed by a very loving, “I love you, too, honey.”  I get reprimanded if I answer the baby doll.  :)


Jonathan is now about 4 yrs 8 mo old.  He weighs just over 42 lbs and measures between 44.25-45″ (it’s really hard to get repeatable results when measuring these little ones!), which puts him at about the size of a child 5 yrs 9 mo old – basically, his size is about a year ahead of his age.  :)  He’s wearing size 5T or 5 pants (which are different from 5T for some reason) and 5/6 or 6/7 shirts.  My little boy is growing way too fast for me!  :)

Jonathan now has an uncanny knack of quoting movies.  And he doesn’t just quote lines, he quotes whole scenes – word for word, inflection included.  He’s definitely his Daddy’s son.  :)  He’s also gotten into superhero movies and loves wearing his “Batman” shirt.

Depending on his mood, he can be a very helpful little boy – cleaning his room by himself, wanting to help me, happily attending to Kathryn while I take care of other things, etc.  Of course, he’s also the most talented at mess making and Saturday’s “clean your room” experience actually ended up going the other way.  It was scary.

Like Emma, he is generally very loving and likes to give hugs and show affection.  We’re currently working on teaching boundaries, like asking his schoolmates if it’s OK before he tries to hug them.  :)  He’s a very good big brother to both sisters, too.

And, for those who want more pictures, here are some other attempts during my photo shoot last week:



It was either this or cheesy smile. She really didn't like standing and waiting.


Here's "cheesy smile"


At least Jonathan's smiling. :) He insisted that his baby doll be included in this picture.


And now I have Kathryn looking at me and Jonathan smiling.


Emma had a mini break down - she did not like this!


Here she is trying to hide - yeah the photo shoot was over for her. :)


Jonathan was a lot more willing to work with me this time.



Yes, that is a blue tongue. :)


Showing off his "T"

And, to be fair, I let Jonathan take a few shots of me.  Here’s the best:


Yeah, I like the pictures of my children better.  Oh, well.  :)

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  1. Thanks for the update. I’m always so happy to see new pictures. I can see how much the children are growing and see their personalities somewhat. I think Kathryn is looking more like Jonathan. Emma is still looking like her mom. And Mom is looking like the sweet girl she is! Love, Gramma

  2. You look awesome Cassia! lol! :):):):):):):))

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