How ice cream sandwiches get their holes

Jonathan’s favorite dessert is Publix (store-brand) ice cream sandwiches. He’d eat one at every meal if he could.

He’s also aware of their physical structure – two soft chocolate wafers with a slab of vanilla ice cream in the middle. And he’s pointed out more than a few times the fact that the wafers have a pattern of small holes in them, like a saltine cracker.

One night after he unwrapped his sandwich and started eating it, he put it down on his plate and started touching the holes with his finger. This is what he said:

“Hey, the ice cream sandwiches have holes in them. Maybe the store gave them to the doctor and the doctor poked them and then the doctor gave them back to the store. Maybe that’s how it happened.”

Thoroughly satisfied with this explanation, he picked up his sandwich and ate it contentedly.

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  1. hehe!!! Thats funny!

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