Freezing picnic

It is 42 degrees outside and “feels like” 37 (probably because of the wind).  Maybe I’m getting soft, but to me that is freezing!  I am currently holed up inside, layering my clothes to stay warm within my house.  I have no desire to go outside.

My children do not share my feelings.  They have been happily playing in the backyard for the past hour or so — blowing bubbles, coloring with chalk, and now having a picnic.

Yes, they are wearing sandals. At least they have something on their feet. And the coats and pants (instead of shorts in Jonathan's case) are also nice touches.

Jonathan says he likes to be cold.  Good thing they are OK with Mommy skipping out on the fun!  :)


I posted, then they came in and got more food and guests:

Then, about 5 minutes after this picture, they finally decided to come in — the picnic is continuing in the kitchen now.  :)  Meanwhile, I just got a warm bath courtesy of Kathryn.  I guess she wasn’t as hungry as I thought.  :)

6 Responses to “Freezing picnic”

  1. Yeah, you’re getting soft. This is only your second winter in Georgia, silly! (I hear humid areas “feel” colder in the wintertime because of all the moisture in the air, so perhaps you’re not as wimpy as you think . . . or as I said . . . or whatever.) You’ll count your blessings when you encounter the frozen Utah tundra again in a little over a week. :)

    Crazy kids. No wonder we’ve all been sick for over two months now! Hope you enjoy your frozen banana, sport.

  2. Well, according to, Utah is also 42 degrees right now (but “feels like” 39). So maybe GA is just trying to ease my transition. :D

  3. The tundra must know you’re comming… looks like snow the day you arrive :)

  4. Wow wow wow wow wow stop right there! look at Emma in the first picture that is Major Cassia rigt there that is! :o

  5. Well you’re coming to Utah today i can assure you it is warm :)

  6. It’s OK, Cassia. Cali has made me a pansy, too :)

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