The baby dolls

Bryan and I are apparently grandparents.  Both Jonathan and Emma have a “baby” that must come nearly everywhere we go.  Here are some highlights from our baby experiences:


A little over a week ago, Jonathan announced after family prayers that his baby doll also needed to pray.  He helped the doll “kneel down,” then proceeded to prompt the doll–he’d first say a phrase in his voice, then would repeat it in a higher “baby doll” voice.  :)  Emma’s baby doll has also followed suit.  Thus far both baby dolls have been very respectful during their prayers, so we haven’t stopped our children yet.  :)


Apparently Emma’s baby is working to become potty trained.  If I am not vigilant, this baby will often end up sitting on the toilet or having her “diaper” changed.  These are interesting to observe, but not too problematic.  The real issue is what comes next.  If she is getting changed, I will end up with wet wipes covering the bathroom floor (and yes, most if not all have been used to wipe the baby).  If using the toilet, I have to watch the toilet paper.  And if Emma is being really sneaky and I don’t catch her in time, the baby doll ends up completely covered in hand sanitizer.  :)  I’d love to lock the bathroom door, but then I’d run into trouble with a certain recently potty trained little boy…


Jonathan and Emma may not need naps (at least in their opinion), but apparently their baby dolls still do.  This is what I found about half an hour or so after “putting the children down for a nap.”

baby dolls sleeping

The dolls are also routinely tucked into bed (instead of having a make-shift bed made as is shown above) and kissed.  I once even caught Emma quietly singing “I Am A Child of God” to her baby doll before leaving the doll in bed.


And yes, the baby dolls even eat.  For a while Jonathan wouldn’t even come to the table (without much coercion) until he had prepared food for his baby doll.  And often the baby doll needs a bib, too.  Here are two examples of the baby doll (without bib) and her food:

baby doll eating 2

baby doll eating

I have to admit that I love watching them with their baby dolls.  In addition to the above, the dolls have also been found strapped into car seats (or the back seat belt in the van), sitting at the table, and watching a movie.  I’ve even had to stop an instance or two of “hand washing” or “hair fixing” (complete with detangling spray).  And it is not unusual for Jonathan and Emma to want to get them ready for church.  And, apparently, Jonathan’s baby doll really wanted to go to McDonalds yesterday.

It is so fun to see them “take care” of their dolls as I try to take care of them.  It really feels like a bit of a mirror for me, seeing myself as portrayed by my children.  Sometimes, though, this can get a little disconcerting–like when the dolls are “disobedient” and get into trouble.  I’d love to tell stories about these instances, but for some reason can’t remember enough details to do so.  Maybe I’m blocking those out.  :)

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  1. Hehe! I remember that one night where I was laying by Emma and she was silently humming/singing ‘I am a child of God’, I sit up and she grabs my shoulder and tugs and i remember hearing her say. “Lay down!” :)

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