First of all, farewell to Annie (for now).


Annie and me at the airport

After spending eight week with us here in Georgia, she returned home to Utah on Saturday, August 9th.

It was fun to have her with us. Since I moved out when she was only four, I haven’t had much of a chance to really get to know her until now. It was fun to talk with her and watch her, wondering what I was like when I was her age. There are definitely some similarities–like her night owl tendencies and her voracious reading. It was also fun to have her enjoy the books I loved as a young teen. :)


Annie with the children just before leaving for the airport. This was the best of many pictures--we just couldn't get both children to look at the camera and smile at the same time! :)

It didn’t take long for her to move from being a visiting novelty to a part of the family. I have to admit it was interesting finding the balance in our relationship–her being part sister and part child. :) And the children definitely started to treat her like an older sister (complete with sibling squabbles, sometimes–a sure sign of acceptance!).

The children loved her extra energy (and I loved her willingness to help with theirs!), and they have definitely missed her company. Mom’s just not as fun. :) While watching family videos today, Emma excitedly pointed out Annie among her throng of classmates (school Christmas concert). It all makes me want to plan a visit in the near future…

Second, farewell to the Tercel.


Yes, its fate has been decided. Apparently a 1993 Toyota Tercel engine is really hard to find, thus really expensive. As the Tercel wasn’t worth that much even when it was running, we finally decided that fixing it wouldn’t be a good investment–so it’s headed to the scrap yard. Going back to being a one-car family is hard, though. That month of having two cars definitely spoiled us!

And finally, farewell to our crystal temple.


This is definitely the least of the farewells, but I still found it kind of sad and highly ironic. The temple started as our wedding cake topper and has been proudly displayed on the entertainment center shelving since then. A little over a month ago, Bryan and I got out of a prenatal appointment and were greeted with a phone call starting with “Cassia, I am soooo sorry….” Poor Annie. As she tried to put on a movie for our nap-less and wild children, one of them removed the open glass door on the entertainment center. Then, as she was putting that back into place, Emma grabbed the corner support for the shelving and pulled–hard. The glass shelves came tumbling down, along with everything on them. (I must add that this was a first–these shelves hadn’t been pulled loose before.) Thankfully, nothing else–not even the glass shelves were harmed. But the temple was broken. When I asked how broken, Annie’s response was, “Well, there are some big pieces… and some medium pieces… and some really little pieces.” Yeah. It had shattered. What a way to welcome Annie into the world of babysitting.


What was "left" of the temple. It's hard to see here, but not even the non-glass Moroni on top escaped unbroken.

The ironic part–the shattered temple reminded me of our wedding cake top (also shown in the picture) which ended up molding because we couldn’t keep it in the freezer (we needed to put food in there!) and couldn’t eat it fast enough. Good thing we’re not superstitious! :)

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  1. :) Awww, Thank you! I miss you guys too! But I know that next time, if i come again, hopefully they won’t be AS energetic. :) maybe they will know better too. hehe. :)

  2. But they were pretty good for the most part and it was fun learning how to be a babysitter and reading all those cool new books!

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