Emma graduates from binary

On Sunday, July 23, 2006, Emma Elizabeth Beckman entered our world. Unlike that of her older brother, Emma’s birth was relatively uneventful. And that was a very good thing.

Here’s the short and sweet of it: Cassia’s water broke around 12:30am. We left for the hospital about five hours later, which turned out to be a wee bit early, considering Emma wasn’t delivered until about 7:30 that evening. No pre-eclampsia. No C-section. Happy mommy, beautiful baby. Reminisce with us.

Emma is a darling little girl, intelligent, creative, and ambitious. We feel so blessed to have her in our family.

Now let’s sing and blow out a few candles! (With a little help from Mommy, of course.)

Emma received a small carrier for her favorite baby doll, a ton of plastic “play food” and dishes from her parents, along with a chef’s hat and apron to match what her brother received as a potty-trained present. They love to play with their food, and for once we’re happy to oblige them!

Love you, sweetheart.

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  1. she is such a doll!!!

  2. Such a sweet family. You are so blessed to have those darling children, and they are so blessed to have you as parents. Love, Gramma

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