Daddy/daughter duet

Emma has taken a keen interest in music over the last several weeks.  She regularly raids Cassia’s scriptures in search of her portable-sized hymnbook, and after finding it will open it to random pages and start singing the first few notes of an original melody.  She’s also been spotted at our piano on numerous occasions, pressing assorted keys with her hands and singing along with the music.  (Every time Cassia and I see her doing it, we begin a frantic search for our camera to record the event for posterity; alas, we can never seem to find it before she gets bored with the activity.)

Emma has learned a number of new songs, too.  She can sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam,” “I Am a Child of God,” and her ABCs.  We tried to get her to sing the alphabet for the camera, but she was easily distractible that evening by virtue of not having had a nap all day.  So Daddy decided to help her out a bit.  



You can see she got tired of singing before we finished the song, and decided to start twirling with her baby doll instead.  Classic.

We’ll try to add more performances where we can.

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  1. Emma is so adorable! She looks more & more like Cassia every time I see her.

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