Happily LOST

Seeing as I wrote a few words about LOST at the beginning of the current season, it’s only fitting that I say a few more things here at the end.

Though last fall’s writer’s strike cost us a few weeks of Island intrigue, this season of LOST has proven to be the best run of episodes the series has ever had.  The Juliet-centric “The Other Woman” was the only clunker of the bunch, but even a mediocre episode of LOST is far better than most of what passes for television these days.

In celebration of the three-hour season finale tonight (the first hour of which is a repeat from two weeks ago, with an extended press conference scene), here’s a brief clip of the show doing what it does so very well (one of many things, actually) – creating great dramatic tension.  Cue the great Terry O’Quinn and Matthew Fox, playing John Locke and Jack Shepherd:



The only disappointment to be had here is that we won’t see any more LOST until 2009.  Oh well . . . with just 34 episodes left in the series’ run, now is a great time to revisit the show’s greatest moments on DVD/Blu-ray or ABC.com – or to introduce yourself to LOST if you haven’t already.  It’s wonderfully beguiling, occasionally maddening, and never less than absolutely fascinating television.



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  1. Awesome review, Bryan; I couldn’t agree more!

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