"Movie of the Month" is now live

I know it’s taken me forever, but I really wanted to get this going before the month ended.  Yes, the site isn’t terribly pretty to look at yet.  Yes, it still needs a lot of help.  No, I’m not very fond of Blogger’s page layout and settings right now.  But YES, Movie of the Month is now live and on the air!

All of you who posted comments on this site indicating support for the new blog, watch your inbox for an invitation to become a co-author on it.  Maybe some of you Blogger design wizards can help an old WordPress veteran dress up the site a bit.  :)

We’ll be adding co-authors continually and working out the kinks in the site over the weeks and months to come.  So, if you haven’t seen Good Night, and Good Luck yet, it’s time to fire up the DVD player and pop some popcorn.  Then come join the discussion!

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