"No monster in here"

Those of you who have seen the movie Monsters, Inc., think back to the scene when Sully (big but nice monster) is trying to convince Boo (little girl) that nothing’s going to come out of his closet to scare her.  (Those of you who haven’t seen it–go watch it!  It’s a classic.)  :)

Well, Jonathan relived this moment in our laundry room today.  He opened the dryer door, looked in, and said, “No monster in here.”  Then, leaning his head into the dryer, he said, “Well, now there is.”

All I could think was, “How appropriate.”  :)

2 Responses to “"No monster in here"”

  1. That’s my Grandson!! He definitely has the family sense of humor!!

  2. He has to be the funniest kid ever. I LOVE the things he says to you guys. :)

    I also love Monsters, Inc. :) I’ve seen it on ice, too! (Delta center… it’s sort of a tradition in my family.)

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